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Capture, Conceptualize, Prioritize: A Sneak Peek Behind Our “Ideas” Feature

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Has this ever happened to you?

You’re in an engaging conversation with a colleague, sales opportunity, or even yourself (we all do it) when all the sudden you blurt out a few lines of pure genius.

While in shock from the brilliance you just came up with you pause for a moment and think to yourself: “Wow, that would make for a great blog post!”

What do you do next?

a) You jot it down in a notebook where it gets lost behind some scribbles and a coffee ring stain.

b) You put it into a Google or Evernote document that is probably titled “The Land Of Forgotten Blog Post Ideas.”

c) Absolutely nothing and your stroke of genius floats away into dust like the heroes at the end of Avengers: Infinity War (spoiler alert).

It’s a common problem we see all the time. And of course, we face the same problem at Zenpost as well.

That’s why we’re including in Zenpost a seamless way to capture, conceptualize, and prioritize blog post ideas – wherever you are.

Organizing Your Blog Post Ideas

First, we’re making sure the Ideas page is one of the main tabs in the platform seeing as it’s the starting point for all great content.

You should be able to quickly access this page whether on desktop or mobile. The less friction there is to get to the Ideas page, the easier it is for you to quickly capture your blog post ideas before they disappear.

Once inside you’ll be presented with your list of ever-growing blog post ideas that you can prioritize.

To do this, we created the ability to click, drag, and reorder your ideas list. This way you can prioritize your favorite ideas to the top of your list where they are easier to manage.

Ideas Social Media Tool
Ideas Social Media Tool

Next, we wanted to allow you to categorize your ideas into either Evergreen or Timely posts. This is how we define both of those categories:

Evergreen: Content that will be just as relevant in 2 years as it is today. Good for SEO.
Timely: Content that is only relevant to an event or trend. Good for temporary spikes in site traffic.

For our beta launch, we’re going to provide you with the categories you can select from, although; our goal is to provide a feature in the future that allows you to add your own custom categories.

If you have any other suggestions of categories we should include in the provided categories options, let us know in the comments below!

These categories are also part of the filtering options in the top navigation so you can organize the order of your blog post ideas list.

Filter blog post ideas on tool
Filter blog post ideas on tool

Creating New Blog Post Ideas

How about adding new blog post ideas to your list?

Again, we wanted to make this process as user-friendly as possible. To add a new blog post idea simply click on the top right “New Idea” button which opens a panel on the right with a few fields to help you quickly capture your idea.

By default, the only required field is the “Idea Title” field. This way you can quickly capture multiple ideas at once without having to commit to providing too much detail around your blog post ideas from the start.

Sometimes you have the idea more fleshed out in your mind, so we then provide you with an open text block area where you can start to organize your thoughts.

Next, we know a lot of inspiration for new blog post ideas come from existing content. To make sure you’re able to easily capture supporting links and files, we provide an area to upload them at the bottom.

Add new media ideas on tool
Add new media ideas on tool

But those fields are just the beginning in capturing a new blog post idea. In order to really flesh out your idea, you need a bit more of a workspace. So we created the “Idea Workspace.”

The Idea Workspace serves a few purposes.

1) It provides you a dedicated space with more fields to continue to capture details about your idea.

2) It provides you support and best practices for fully conceptualizing your idea.

This second point was important to us. There are essential details that you should be thinking about when conceptualizing a new article. The problem is everybody captures their ideas in their own way, so we didn’t want to force you into filling in a bunch of fields that we decided should be there.

Instead, we provide you with a blank canvas to capture your content idea. Then, in the right margin, we provide you with a checklist of best practices and elements to consider in order to guide your thinking as you flesh out your idea further.

As you conceptualize your idea more, you can check off items to ensure you were able to include enough detail about your idea that it is truly ready to turn over to a writer.

Idea workspace on tool
Idea workspace on tool

Speaking of turning your idea over to a writer, we are including this as a feature as well.

Turning Blog Post Ideas Into Blog Posts

In your Ideas list, you can click on the three dots within the idea you want to take action on and select from a few options:

 Delete Idea

Share Idea

Turn Into Assignment

Turn Into Pitch Request

This means the same tool you use to capture and organize your blog post ideas is now the same tool that can create your blog posts.

No more copy and pasting.

No more jumping between tabs.

No more carrying around notebooks.

Organize your blog post ideas and get them sent off to a writer with a few clicks of the mouse. (Do people still use a mouse? “Few clicks of the trackpad?”)

Buzfeed ideas Michael Jordan Lebron James
Buzfeed ideas Michael Jordan Lebron James

So that’s everything we have planned for capturing, conceptualizing, prioritizing and even assigning out your blog post ideas.

A large part of why we’re filling you in on these features before we’re even done fully building them is because we want your feedback!

See any must-have features that aren’t included above?

See any features that you don’t particularly like or would want changed in some way?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll give shout-outs to everybody who contributes to the evolving end product.

As always, thanks for your time and stay awesome! ?

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Zenpost Call To Action Blog
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