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How Zenpost’s SEO Strategy Helped PandaDoc 20x Their Content


Months to ramp up an aggressive content strategy

PandaDoc drives its ICP to its solutions on the strength of its unique, product-focused content, which emphasizes convenience to the user.


New products launched from scratch

PandaDoc’s ambitious growth plans included acquisitions and new tools, with multiple teams requiring tons of content for new domans.


Individual pieces of content created

PandaDoc saw market opportunities for new products. To seize ground, they needed a lot of quality content, fast.

Company Profile

“We want to increase content production, but we don’t want to lose quality. It needs to be predictable.”

PandaDoc is a B2B SaaS company that describes itself as an “all-in-one document automation software,” which enables users to create, manage, and e-sign a variety of digital documents. 

Content is a major component of their marketing strategy. They offer a mix of content types on their site, including templates (i.e., sample lease agreement) and presentations (i.e., sample marketing slides), each containing unique branded “PandaTips” that give users pro tips on filling out these assets. And of course, they have a blog; a critical piece of the puzzle where they showcase their brand voice and thought leadership.

The Challenge

We first engaged with PandaDoc in summer 2021, as they were feeling out potential content execution partners to help them scale their content marketing efforts ahead of an aggressive expansion of their product offering in the coming year.

While PandaDoc’s solutions are easy to use for any size team, they target the enterprise class, competing in a crowded field with household names like DocuSign and Adobe. To successfully launch new products and push their brand closer to their top competitors in SERPs, they would need to move quickly. 

The main problem? Finding a partner that could maintain their rigorous quality standards at scale, and find the right team to make a bolt-on content partner a seamless compliment to their internal marketing organ.

Thus far, they’d tried a combination of internal content teams managing freelance writers and external content marketplace solutions. 

What they often received was “regurgitated” content; barely-disguised rewrites of top Google Search results for each keyword. Worse, the content wasn’t even rewritten well, showing any sense of brand identity, industry knowledge, SEO, or even basic command of grammar.

PandaDoc needed to scale content rapidly with a flexible partner who could easily blend in with their internal workflows and adapt to changing requirements and needs. As they launched new products and juggled multiple internal marketing initiatives, they knew what signs of success would look like: A partner that helps them streamline their content workflow by providing “predictable” content.

Key Problems

To recap, here are the core challenges the PandaDoc team asked for Zenpost’s help with:

Our Approach

PandaDoc is the ideal use case for the Scaled Content System. The company was already sold on content and had an ambitious strategy ready to go. You bring the need, we bring the done-for-you system to get it done right.

The long-term need and investment in content unlocks the best outcomes possible, and the engagement with PandaDoc evolved over time to scale different content types and launch new products because of this.

The Scaled Content System starts with a small campaign (for PandaDoc, 5 blog posts, and 5 templates). We get to know the client solution first-hand, identify the sales points and pain points, produce approved samples, and narrow down the right team of writers and editors ready to service content strategy at scale.

We distill these resources into a branded style guide pinned to every assignment that comes through Zenpost’s proprietary CMS. Our SaaS platform makes managing large volumes of content simple and, as PandaDoc requested, “predictable.” 

Lastly, Zenpost provides SEO-optimized briefs and other tools to ensure content is unique (no “regurgitation”), and utilizes the target keyword and related keywords critical to the strategy. Editors copy-edit the content, but also perform QC to ensure briefs are followed, content is optimized, and is plagiarism-free.


Finding the right team, so content is DFY

The Scaled Content System moves in 3-month Sprints and offers a competitive rate to writers. This enabled us to attract the qualified talent that PandaDoc had been looking for, and to produce a consistent style guide and sample pieces to keep everyone on the same page.

Enforcing QC and streamlining workflows

Our internal SEO strategy team fills in strategic gaps by providing briefs and best practices, helping writers to optimize their content using state-of-the-art tools. Our editoral layer copyedits and applies strict quality controls to provide unique, branded, publish-ready content.

Achieving content at scale across multiple internal projects

As trust deepened in the Scaled Content System, and as PandaDoc saw success with the content it produced, the engagement evolved to encompass different content types (FAQ pages, presentations) and projects (landing pages, and subpages for 4 new product launches).


While Zenpost was initially recruited to provide templates and the occasional blog post, the Scaled Content System quickly became an integral driver of PandaDoc’s content strategy, providing 100+ pieces of unique content per month to support new product launches and initiatives while working seamlessly with multiple internal teams.

“Zenpost has been PandaDoc’s go-to integrated SEO partner. They have allowed our content operations to 20x over the last 12 months. Their ability to scale content while maintaining quality has been a huge factor in our success.”

– Hanna Stechenko @ PandaDoc

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