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How to Identify and Avoid Passive Voice in Your Copy

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Copywriting is a lot like posture… There are a ton of things you are probably doing wrong that you don’t even realize. What’s worse, you could be making the same mistakes over and over for years on end. The number one copywriting mistake that all marketers make –costing them precious Google ranking positions? Passive voice. […]

6 Things Every Freelance Writer MUST Know How To Do In 2020 And Beyond

Freelance writing is a bit of an oddball profession. Most people think they can do it, that they are good writers out of the box. But they don’t know anything about SEO, image use, or craft. Make no mistake — there is a craft to being a freelance writer that you can’t just intuit. But […]

Love Your Content Marketing Like This Simplistic Chore


It can take two to three hours to write a solid blog article. It can take an afternoon to schedule social posts for the week ahead. We’re a content marketing company, but we make no bones about it: Content is a chore. Part of the reason it’s difficult for entrepreneurs and SMBs to make time […]

Everything Is Content: The Easy Mind Hack For Never Running Out Of Blog Post Ideas

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When Dave and I were first talking about launching Zenpost, we knew we wanted a strong content marketing strategy, and that meant consistently publishing quality content to our blog. It’s the foundation of everything. Not just a successful business in general, but of our entire ethos as a content marketing automation company. But we ran […]

How To Build A $416,000 ‘Always On’ Sales Team With Almost No Money

Zenpost Always-On Sales Team

If you’re a business owner, it’s probably not a stretch to say you could use some help with sales. A quick Google search for “small business owner sales tips” brings up nearly 700,000,000 results (for comparison’s sake, that’s about 6 times more than “small business owner marketing tips” at roughly 160,000,000). So yeah. We’ll call […]

Content Marketing ROI Is Not Immediate But Here’s Why That’s Okay

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I met a small business owner at a networking event recently. We’ll call him “Bob.” Bob and I started chatting and he told me about the startup he launched about 18 months ago. The product is pretty awesome. I could tell right away what he’s building was something special. I was excited for him! It […]

What A Little Exercise Can Teach You About Content Marketing

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I’m a business owner, consultant, and father of one with another on the way. Needless to say, I don’t have a whole lot of time. I’m not special in this regard. Most business owners fit some version of this mold. Maybe you’re trying to grow your side-gig into a career. Maybe you’re profitable, but still […]

The LittleThings Fallout: How The Heck Do You Go Viral In 2018?

With the dissolution of viral feel-good outlet LittleThings, many publishers in the digital space feel as though they’ve been put on notice. Several traffic analysts have already dissected the fallout, and the general tone around LittleThings’ shuttering seems to be a mix of “shocking” and “tragic.” But LittleThings was a publisher that depended on free […]

How Your Facebook Content Distribution Strategy Will Need To Change In 2018

The digital business world was rocked when Facebook announced it would prioritize feeds from friends and groups over content from businesses and media. The move was a reaction to overcrowded newsfeeds and a way to cut down on “fake news.” The company is getting back to its grassroots purpose, which was to bring people together. […]

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