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Video Marketing Agency

As a top-level video marketing agency, Zenpost can create highly engaging videos for your company that will captivate and educate potential prospects. At the same time, our videos can increase the ROI of your marketing efforts, increase organic traffic, and build relationships with your target audience that are irreplaceable by any other media type.


Benefits of Video Marketing Services

Video marketing takes careful research and planning to get right. Without enough time spent researching and planning your marketing strategy, your budget, timeline, and conversions are all likely to fall short of expectation.

An effective strategy should start by defining your goals and should encompass your visitors’ needs in every stage of the marketing funnel. When it’s implemented correctly, the benefits of video marketing can be very rewarding.

Here are some of the main benefits of video marketing:

Grow Revenue
Increase Search Engine Ranking
Build Authority
Increase Traffic
Reach Decision Makers
Increase Brand Involvement
Gain Natural Backlinks
Increase Email Subscribers
Influence Purchasing Decisions
Increase Conversions

Our Video Marketing Services Capabilities

Zenpost offers expert video marketing services to business owners looking to increase their engagement, conversions, and organic traffic flow by taking advantage of publishing high-quality video media on high-traffic video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Here is a list of our video marketing capabilities

Whiteboard Videos

Zenpost specializes in engaging, fun-to-watch videos that drive action. Our expert whiteboard (aka explainer) video script writers can get your whiteboard video script just right to get the highest traction possible for clickthrough rates, and conversions, and have your prospects ready to convert!

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Product Demo Videos

Did you know that 33% of consumers would prefer to learn about a product from a product video? We can produce marketing videos that catch your audience at important stages of the sales funnel, using media that has been proven to give them first-hand buyer experience in a number of different ways.

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Company Promos

With Zenpost’s digital marketing team creating your online videos, your brand’s video will create brand awareness at the same time as encouraging the highest lead generation possible from the awareness phase of the funnel. You will get the best engagement possible with professional video editing and an experienced marketing team.


Web Series

Creating a steady stream of videos gives you a chance to reach your audience on a regular basis. It also gives you a chance to refine your message and build long-lasting relationships with your audience. Zenpost is here to assure that every video in your series hits the nail right on the head.

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How-To Videos

How-to videos are great because they can be targeted to specific topics and designed to help your potential prospects overcome obstacles. Zenpost can help you incorporate videos that educate and engage your audience and rank you higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).


Branded Informational Videos

Branded informational videos are another great way to educate your potential prospects while gaining some affordable brand visibility and improving the overall ROI of your marketing efforts. We can help you keep your content non-disruptive, emotive, and engaging, without being overly salesy so you build a more authentic and down-to-earth brand voice.

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Product Launch Videos

Product launch videos should be long enough to communicate the benefits of your product, but short enough to hold viewer attention. Successful product videos have engaging dialogue and narration, professionalism, empathy, and relatability. If you want professionally produced videos that resonate with your prospects, Zenpost has extensive video production experience.


Company Overview Videos

An effective corporate video provides insight into a company – whether that’s through a video showcasing the company’s culture and personality, or one focused on the company’s ability to meet a specific need. Zenpost has one of the best video marketing teams you can work with to help you draw up an informative and creative company overview.

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Customer Support Video

A well-planned customer service video helps your clients to resolve their issues in a quicker, easier, and more cost-efficient manner. From how-to videos to customer onboarding, video is the perfect way to help customers solve their problems. Our highly skilled video production team can help you boost customer retention and create an impeccable product experience.

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FAQ Videos

A properly planned FAQ page will integrate video solutions that address both short-term and long-term issues. Zenpost has helped clients in B2B lead generation, roofing services and eCommerce come up with intuitive FAQ videos that communicate with customers about solutions to challenges they may face with products and services.

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Why Choose Zenpost as Your Video Marketing Services Provider

Video advertising is not easy. Whether you need social media videos to share, or a landing page video that hooks your paid traffic and motivates them to take action, video marketing can be a near-impossible chore without the right team backing you. 

You’ve got to set goals, understand your target audiences, decide what video platforms are most beneficial for you to advertise on, decide what types of videos you are going to use, and then plan out your content production process, and know where and when to publish it.

And that’s leaving out a few things…

You’ve still got final editing, post production problems that might arise, and video scheduling and promotion to worry about. With Zenpost as your video marketing team, your company can benefit from having experienced video marketers to run your campaigns. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having experts handling all of the key factors that go into a well-crafted video marketing strategy.

From planning and scriptwriting to post production services, Zenpost has you covered!

Here are some of the reasons why our clients love us:

More Than 100 Satisfied Clients (and Counting)
High-Quality Video Without the Hassle
Expert Marketing Services
Video Strategy Crafted by Well-Known Online Video Marketers
Videos That Are Written, Edited, and Produced Professionally
Audience Research and Client Journey Mapping Expertise
Increased Conversion Rates
Optional Video Distribution
Easy Ordering Process and Transparent Pricing
Establish a Strong Social Media Presence
No Hidden Fees Ever
Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What is video marketing?

The main goal of digital marketing is to provide value to content consumers and convert them into paying clients. Video content such as customer video testimonials or animated videos is created to educate and engage potential customers, and get them to take action.

The right video marketing campaigns will build trust for your brand by understanding your audience, and creating video content that answers questions, helps solve problems, and educates prospects about topics that they are interested in learning about in your areas of expertise.

Almost 50% of people that shop online say that their biggest problem is worrying that the product will look the same when they get it delivered. Video marketing addresses such hang ups better than static images ever can.

If you’re looking to incorporate video marketing in your digital strategy, you’re not alone. You have been missing out on almost every marketers’ number one marketing media type. People stay on websites with videos up to 88% longer than websites without it, and they retain 95% of the information they see in a video, as opposed to 15% from reading.

How do I choose a video marketing company?

A professional video marketing services provider should be experts in video advertising. They should be able to find out your business goals, study your niche, study your competitors and potential prospects, and then come up with a perfectly thought out solution that fits your brand.

A digital marketing agency should be able to incorporate video into your strategy effectively and without the headache, whether you need video ads created to boost product sales, corporate timeline videos that build reputability, or engaging informational video content that peaks engagement on all of your social media channels.

What companies use video in their video marketing strategy?


The founder and former CEO of MOZ, Rand Fishkin, hosts a weekly educational video series on the company’s website called Whiteboard Friday. Rand uses this article to show off his thought leadership capabilities and educate us on all things SEO.— And everyone LOVES HIM!


PandaDoc’s promotional video begins with its audience’s largest problem areas and ends with how their product offers a valuable solution.

Each of the three points is easily addressed in the video so that you walk away with a sound understanding of who PandaDoc is, and a positive and lasting first impression.


Blendtec is one company that is doing this well. Its tagline, “The World’s Most Advanced Blender,” promotes the company’s “Will It Blend?” video series on their website. In order to prove the quality of their blenders, they pulverize heavy objects such as cell phones and keys and record the results. Something off the mark that was a surefire way to grab attention and keep the audience rolling in!

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