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SaaS Link Building Services

We Build High Quality Backlinks For Your SaaS Business

Zenpost clients spend less time on content marketing and more time growing their business.

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SaaS Link Building Services

We Build High-Quality Backlinks For Your SaaS Business

Our outreach specialists here at Zenpost have a network of blog owners, citation and reference sites, and other web properties and platforms in place to help you build high-quality SEO backlinks safely. This means you can start enjoying the many benefits of backlink building without having to worry.

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Zenpost’s Link Building Service

Zenpost only targets sites that are 45+ Domain Rank, and we look for sites with a minimum of 5,000 monthly organic users. We can also take advantage of broken link acquisitions and branded mention link acquisitions depending on the brand’s popularity and current situation.

Zenpost’s backlink services include:

SEO Audit
Content Audit
Keyword Research
Anchor Text Analysis
Competitor Research
Industry Insights
Backlink Analysis
Routine Backlink Audits and Health Checks

Benefits of Zenpost’s Link Building Services

Marketers have become increasingly dependent on building white-hat links as part of their digital marketing strategy. When implemented correctly, link building strategies have the power to boost your website traffic, improve your rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs), and provide a number of other powerful benefits for your brand.

Because we’re an SEO agency, a SaaS content marketing agency,

and a link building agency, our manual outreach experts have made connections in a multitude of niches that we can offer link placements. All of our link placement sources have at least a 45+ domain authority, with high trust scores and at least 5,000 in organic traffic. Using these and manual outreach, we have helped over 100 clients achieve higher rankings and build credibility by strengthening their backlink profile strategically.

Some of the main benefits associated with link building services are:

Improved Website Traffic
Referral Traffic
Increased Search Rankings
Raises Site Metrics
Raises SEO Scores
Building Authority and Credibility
Increased Revenue
Encouraging Long-Lasting Relationships
Increased Quality and Quantity of Targeted Traffic
Increased Brand Visibility
Lower Bounce Rates
Better Content for Reader
Improving Trust Score
Increasing Social Media Followers and Email Subscribers

Zenpost’s Link Building Strategies


Keyword and Backlink Analysis

Our first step is to conduct keyword research and review your existing content and backlink profile. Our analysis also helps us understand which keywords you’ve already got that are producing traffic for you and which are in need of a boost to get higher rankings.

After we get that in perspective, we can either start building a customized link building strategy based on your existing content or have our writers create content to use to build links back to your pages.

zenpost link building services backlink analysis

Content Creation and Manual Outreach

Every blog and every audience has unique content needs. When we see an opportunity for a backlink that would benefit one of our clients and requires fresh content, we ask our expert writers to create something compelling to offer them in exchange for a backlink.

By writing SEO friendly content and pitching to relevant publications you can build a strong backlink profile to back up your content that is well-researched, in-depth, semantically rich, and authoritative. This ensures that the link builders and blog owners are agreeing on a two-way exchange and the relationship lasts for years to come.

zenpost link building services content creation

Outreach to High Authority Websites

A white-hat link building strategy is one of the best ways to increase site visibility and organic market share, whether you run a small business or an enterprise-level organization. Our backlink building strategies focus on targeting sites with only the highest of standards, because important factors like organic traffic, site authority, trust flow, social media engagement, and strong SEO metrics all add up to benefits we can pass on to our clients!

We have an in-house outreach team here to build links for you from top publications in a variety of niches. Our goal is to get your white-hat links placed on real websites that have relevant content in your industry. This way you’ll receive an active audience engaged with your content and you can start enjoying targeted referral traffic right away.

zenpost link building services outreach

Backlink Acquisition

With Zenpost as your link building agency, you can get authority links secured within 30 days, regardless of how many links you need. Our clients can generally expect us to get them 10 high-quality link opportunities through a mix of articles, guest posts, link acquisitions, and citations or relevant resource sites. More than five in-context links via guest posts, and links from over five citation/reference sites.

With Zenpost steadily working on your backlink profile, your content will become more credible to search engine algorithms, and gradually start to rank higher in search results.

zenpost link building services backlink acquisition

Comprehensive SEO strategy

A successful SEO strategy involves many factors. High-quality content on your website is essentially resource link building. We can provide you with on-site content, resource pages, and blogs in addition to link building efforts, so you’ll have the right content for every link opportunity. You can improve SERP positions with more content, while earning more brand mentions, and improving social signals for your websites.

Our link building strategies have helped hundreds of businesses successfully acquire links, attract target audiences and improve search rankings. In fact, the links we get for our clients are like references. Search engines will have more trust in your site the better your references are, meaning the higher you’ll rank organically.

zenpost link building services seo strategy

Backlink Analysis

If you have a poor-quality backlink profile, your brand may require more than just blogger outreach services to gain greater authority. As part of our managed SEO campaigns, we combine quality link building services with multiple strategies to boost your brand awareness. Get the most out of all of your SEO efforts by allowing our link building specialists to create a strategic plan for improving your rankings.

Using Zenpost as your link building agency can quickly make your brand more successful.

zenpost link building services seo backlink analysis

What to Look for in a Link Building Agency

There are a few things that you should look for in a backlink service provider. The most important factor to look for in link building companies is whether or not they are white-hat only.

The difference between white-hat and black-hat backlinks is huge. In the end, it’s whether or not your agency is taking its time with creating links or using a bulk link creator to build spammy links.

Here are a few things that you should look for:

Boosting Site Authority Safely

Our backlinks are among the best in the industry. As a result, these links are of a higher quality and have more authority behind them. Our team can help you increase your website authority through high-quality, value-adding content that we craft and submit to publications that are well-regarded in your niche. All of our content is organically pitched to publishers and fully indexed and visible in search results (guest posts, articles, press releases, etc).

The content we create for your website is unique, high-quality, and carefully drafted to ensure it is contextually relevant to the anchor text. Moreover, we ensure that it matches the interest of the target audience and the style guidelines of the publication. To make sure that our content is valuable to publishers and engage with readers, we also embellish it with rich media like photos, videos, and gifs. In addition, we make sure the site is SEO optimized so that it won’t suffer from authority issues or poor search performance.

We go the extra mile to build strong relationships with top publishers while other inbound link vendors focus on guest posting. We get you topic-relevant links so your site can rank highly in search engine results.

zenpost link building services boost site authority
zenpost link building services strategy and method

Link Building Strategy and Method

Does the agency use white-hat SEO tactics only? Because black hat link building can get you penalized. It’s more important now than ever to have an agency working for you that values your business like their own.

The Capability of Building Links

Do you only want to build backlinks? You might also want to find a company that can provide other SEO services. You may need to hire someone to create content that works with your existing content.

Providing other websites with a reason to link to your site is essential to generating high-quality backlinks. If you create high-quality content, you will have a better chance of generating backlinks naturally from websites with high domain authority. This will improve all of your most important KPIs.

zenpost link building services capabilities
zenpost link building services experience


A company with years of experience is best because it will have a roster of backlink providers and an experienced outreach team to get you the best placements for your money. Ask about how long the agency has been in business.  Alternatively, you can find out when the company was founded by checking their Better Business Bureau (BBB) listing.

You should look for proof the firm can achieve your goals if you want to find the best backlink building service.


By asking for references and reviews, you can learn more about each backlink building company.  Reviews can be found on Google My Business and BBB listings for each company and, if you do a search, a lot of companies will have other sites like TrustPilot where you can read reviews as well.

zenpost link building services reviews

Our Link Building Capabilities

Our approach to link building strategy at ZenPost is 100% organic outreach, and we only use the best and most authoritative publications to get high-quality editorial links that we deliver to our clients.

Using our custom link building services, we help you build high-quality backlinks on authority sites only, which have active audience engagement and are relevant to your industry. You can effectively boost both your site visibility and organic market share with white-hat link building, regardless of whether you are a small business or just a busy blogger.

Different Types of Backlinks

Backlinks are not a proven method of building links in the SEO landscape. As search algorithms become more complex over time, tactics such as unnatural link building will be penalized.

Google punishes websites that manipulate backlinks in that way. Because of the amount of low-quality options out there, some businesses are hesitant to pursue link building altogether, probably because they have experienced them at some point in the past.

The good news is that white-hat link building, which is a genuine content promotion strategy at its core, has major potential if done right. Building authority for your site, improving rankings for keywords, and driving organic traffic for a long time are just some of the benefits it can deliver. In addition to penalizing bad links, Google also rewards good ones. A high-quality link is one that is embedded naturally within an original, valuable, and engaging piece of content.

In our outreach and backlink building campaigns, we adhere to the highest standards. By monitoring SEO metrics, such as domain authority, trust flow, amount of traffic, and social media engagement, we ensure that our efforts are effective.

Zenpost acquires backlinks using the following outreach methods:

High-Quality Articles

By partnering with Zenpost, you’ll benefit from links that are carefully crafted by extremely talented writers and then published by our experienced outreach team.

Guests Posts

With a team of highly skilled writers and SEO experts on your side, you can benefit from having high-quality backlinks placed right in front of audiences that will give you the highest traction possible.

Link Acquisitions

Ethically building your online authority one quality backlink at a time with competitor link acquisition through manual outreach.

Resource Sites

This method of backlinking is known as a traffic hack, and is loved by many marketers because it delivers. A link back from a high-traffic directory or resource site will drive traffic your way, as people use these sites all the time. They are a known way to be able to tag your posts with relevant hashtags and get an easy increase in targeted traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What is the purpose of a link building service?

When it comes to ranking your website for relevant searches, a link building service is considered one of the most important factors. When you don’t build backlinks to your website from other websites, even though you will build some natural links over time, you are putting yourself at risk of a competitor in your niche jumping ahead for the advantage.

Zenpost clients are often able to reduce their link building costs while effortlessly improving their link quality. As a result, Zenpost campaigns are more successful, rankings are drastically improved and the quality and quantity of traffic are increased. There are many benefits to this arrangement and it is a viable way to move your business towards future business goals. 

Here are some of the things we offer:

    • Guaranteed Long-Lasting Links – Pre-existing relationships with online publications and blogs
    • Guaranteed Content Quality – Our team of in-house expert writers assure that you receive only the highest-quality backlinks
    • Fast Turnaround – Guaranteed fast turnaround
    • Moz, Majestic, SEMrush, Alexa, and Ahrefs Metrics

Are Your Backlinks Dofollow?

In most cases, our high-quality links will be dofollow, unless you need a mixture of dofollow and nofollow. Whatever options you choose, you have full control over the requirements, and we’ll ensure that they’re followed.

What Does it Mean to Have Dofollow and Nofollow Links?

Nofolllow Links: Backlinks with the rel=”nofollow” attribute in the HTML are considered nofollow links. The attributes of targeted linking pages are not passed on to the destination pages. From an SEO perspective, nofollow links are of little value because they tell the search engine algorithms “this link is not important, just ignore it.”

A nofollow backlink is used to tell search engine bots that a hyperlink should not affect the ranking of the backlink.

Dofollow Links: Dofollow links are used to tell the search engine to let the link pass through the authority. Dofollow links are the ones that pass link equity on to your site when they link to you and boost your rankings.

Have Any of Your Clients Ever Been Penalized?

Link building for our clients has never resulted in any penalties. Our primary focus is on securing editorial links that are naturally integrated into an article, and quality and relevance are of utmost importance to us.

Are There Any Contracts or Minimums?

Performance is very important to us. Based on the plan you choose, there may be a small monthly fee, but other than that, you can spend however much or little you want.

Why Do Backlinks Matter to SEO?

Inbound links from high-quality websites are prioritized by search engines, including Google. This gives them and their web pages a higher ranking, as well as user relevance. Your website’s search engine rankings can be improved when you have more of these high-quality backlinks. In the long run, ranking higher means more sales, leads, and customers.

Quality backlinks are important for your business for a number of reasons:

  • Improve the domain authority (DA), trust flow, and other metrics as captured by MOZ and Ahrefs
  • Increase the organic rankings of product- and service-specific keywords on Google
  • Rank higher in search results
  • Increase the quality of your website visitors
  • Increased clickthrough rates (CTRs) translate into higher conversion rates

Can you Guarantee Specific Results?

Due to the nature of SEO and link building, there is no way to guarantee specific results within a certain timeframe. We can say that link building service is perhaps the most important aspect of SEO and one of the most important factors in ranking high in search results. Links will be placed on relevant, high-quality websites that meet your specifications. You will get better results if you build more high-quality links.

How Many Links Can You Put in One Post?

For each post, you can include up to two links. We also add external links to authority sites when we write the content so the posting looks as natural as possible.

Can You Guarantee Compliance with Google's Webmaster Guidelines?

Links from reputable, high-quality sites are more likely to appear in Google’s search results, as Google looks for relevance and natural links. Most of the sites we work with are based in the US and produce great content promotion for their audiences. 

Your site is matched up with relevant sites that meet your specific criteria. In addition to including links to our clients’ websites in our articles, we publish them as if they were written by the site’s editor or another regular contributor. We publish our links in a similar way as if we were performing outreach ourselves, except our method is faster, cheaper, and more effective.

Can I See the Sites Before You Publish?

Yes. Upon request, we can email you a list of planned link placements.

What Makes a Quality Backlink?

Numerous factors are taken into consideration. At the top of the list is the site’s management. It is our duty to ensure they are writing quality articles and aren’t using any spammy tactics.

We also have numerous APIs that we can use to evaluate the link strength of a website based on the metrics it provides. Moz is a metric of domain authority, Majestic is a measure of trust, and Ahrefs measures domain rating. By viewing the site in this way, we can determine whether the site is a good fit for any of our clients.

Achieving high rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) requires high-quality content that is optimized for search engine algorithms. Google and other search engines rank content on a multitude of on-page and off-page factors to decide who should go on the first page. If your content is not performing the way you’d like, building strategic backlinks to various pages of your website from relevant high-authority sites is one of the fastest ways to improve that.

Building valuable links on your own is difficult and time-consuming, and outsourcing SEOs from Fiverr or Upwork isn’t always a dependable source for the highest-quality work, considering the fact that many of them use black-hat software to gain backlinks.

Let’s increase your MRR!

100% transparency, no excuses, and no dodgy practices. Just serious digital results.