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SaaS SEO Agency That Helps You Drive Leads

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SaaS SEO Agency That Helps You Drive Leads

SaaS SEO is a long-term investment for SaaS companies that ensures their brand visibility while driving new revenue. At Zenpost, we offer you comprehensive SaaS SEO services, including keyword research, optimizing your landing pages, link building, conversion rate optimization, SEO and content marketing strategies, as well as off-page and on-page SEO. Use our SEO methods to achieve scalable growth.

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How Can SEO Increase SaaS Revenue?

SEO helps SaaS companies rank on the first page of search engines, sending more organic traffic to their websites. High visibility in organic search results leads to quality lead generation because this website traffic consists of users intentionally searching for SaaS services.

SaaS SEO Services

SaaS SEO Strategy

We develop B2B SaaS SEO strategies to compete favorably with other SaaS companies. Our SaaS SEO experts create SEO strategies depending on the duration of your contract with us. The strategy details the tasks involved, the performance indicators, expected outcomes and the time frame within which you can expect these results.

We customize each SaaS SEO strategy to align with other digital marketing goals of your business.

Zenpost is an SEO agency that conducts an SEO analysis to identify areas that require a professional search engine optimization strategy.

Content Strategy

We help create content marketing strategies for software companies. The keyword research we conduct on your competitors coupled with our experience in SaaS SEO shapes our content recommendations, which are always geared at grabbing your target audience’s attention and increasing your site’s organic traffic. We create content strategies that also cater to your off-site optimization plan.

Through Zenpost’s content marketing strategies, we conduct keyword research on your site and that of your competition to better understand keyword rankings in your market. The data that we collect helps us identify keywords and use those target keywords to speed up your SEO campaign’s results. Keyword research informs which words are more competitive, thus informing the duration needed for content to rank highly using the specific keywords.

Content Creation

Creating content is both a science and art. It would be best if you had a SaaS SEO agency that integrates both aspects to create unique content that produces results. Our content creation process incorporates the best SEO practices to provide value to your potential customers and a good user experience.

Zenpost is also a SaaS SEO agency that writes SaaS content that ranks highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). Whether marketing your SaaS products requires blog posts, videos, press releases, webinars or any other format, we optimize the content for maximum online visibility.

Technical SEO

At Zenpost, we use Google Analytics and other SEO tools to evaluate the technical SEO status of your SaaS website. We ensure that your on-site SEO, internal linking and loading speed are all performing at their best. Our technical SEO ensures that search engines can easily crawl your site pages, which is essential to climbing search engine rankings.

Your website’s organization directs users down the sales funnel and prompts them to take certain actions. It’s important to make sure that no technical element loses you potential customers along the way.

Link Building

We conduct a backlink profile analysis to get a history of the links directing visitors to your website. The analysis guides the best way to create links that bring quality organic traffic to your website.

We leverage our experience and relationships as a digital marketing agency for effective link building. We work with authoritative websites, trusted institutions and blogs to link back to your site. Link building with trusted brands and sites increases your brand’s credibility, leading to a better conversion rate.

SEO Audit

Knowing the current state of your SaaS SEO will give you in-depth insight into how your website is performing. This is a critical first step for any SaaS SEO agency to make to ensure all other SEO services they provide to SaaS companies will be effective. Through a series of technical SEO audits and ranking factors checklists, Zenpost ensures your SaaS company is prime to receive organic traffic through ranking your landing pages on the first page of Google.

Every good technical search engine optimization audit requires a strong understanding of technical SEO which is why Zenpost provides you with a dedicated technical SEO team to oversee your technical SEO strategy.

Why Choose Zenpost’s SaaS SEO Services?

We Offer Customized SEO Services

Every SaaS company is unique and our digital agency customizes our SEO services to match your business model and goals. We work with your marketing team to understand your business and overall marketing approach.

We don’t believe in using a standard template in our marketing efforts; that’s why we create an SEO strategy that includes content and marketing strategies and reporting that fits the unique requirements of all the SaaS companies we work with.

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zenpost seo for saas track record

We Have a Proven Track Record as a SaaS SEO Agency

Our success stories with other software companies vouch for our expertise in SaaS SEO. We have helped other B2B SaaS businesses improve their Google rankings, increase organic growth and boost conversion rates.

Eliminate the guesswork from your SaaS SEO strategy because our SaaS SEO experts know what is needed to get results. We use data to inform our decision-making and closely monitor optimization campaigns to make any needed changes fast enough.

We Are Honest and Reliable With Your Search Engine Optimization Results

SaaS SEO is a long-term venture, taking months to see measurable results. Even then, you’ll need to continue optimizing for search engines if you want to remain on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Given the amount of time that SEO services require, you need to work with a SaaS SEO agency that’s trustworthy and reliable. We are transparent with our clients every step of the way, from the initial consultation and pricing. We explain how we execute SaaS SEO campaigns and provide continuous progress reports.

Our communication is open, and we treat you like our partner because you’re not just a cash cow for us. We value our relationships with our clients.

zenpost seo for saas reliable
zenpost seo for saas results driven

We Are Results Driven

Like any other for-profit organization, your SaaS business wants to see returns on its investment. Your success is our success, so our B2B SaaS SEO efforts are results oriented. Our SEO strategy for the SaaS companies that we work with focuses on conversion rate optimization.

We also use certain metrics to determine organic traffic growth and the increase in qualified leads. Our team closely monitors changes in search engine rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What's the Best SaaS SEO Strategy to Increase Organic Traffic and Leads?

Similar to other areas of digital advertising, a copy-paste approach doesn’t work in SaaS marketing either. The best SaaS SEO strategy for a B2B software company depends on the needs of that particular SaaS company.

An effective SaaS SEO and content marketing strategy should help the company achieve the goals outlined at the beginning of the SEO campaign. A SaaS SEO expert collaborates with your content marketing team to assess your SEO needs and create a strategy that aligns with these needs.

How Much Does a SaaS SEO Agency Cost?

As you may have noticed already, very few leading SEO companies indicate fixed pricing for SaaS SEO services. Sometimes lack of prices makes customers think that companies are trying to disguise their cost or are simply too expensive. This is rarely the case, however.

The truth is that the cost of SEO services depends on the package. Some SaaS companies have an in-house online marketing team that creates content and, as such, only require SaaS SEO experts to help with strategizing. A B2B SaaS company that’s just starting up, on the other hand, might have limited finances and is unable to commit to a comprehensive SaaS content marketing strategy. Other software companies might be the complete opposite, committing the necessary funding for a comprehensive SaaS SEO strategy and execution package.

A SaaS SEO agency will ask for a monthly retainer depending on your needs. It will include clauses on how much it costs to terminate the contract’s SEO services before the agreed-upon duration elapses.

How Do I Choose a SaaS SEO Company?

With the increase in SaaS businesses, getting the best SaaS SEO company to help you with your digital marketing strategy is critical. You need to spend your resources on an SEO agency that will keep you ahead of the competition. So, how do you know which agency to work with since so many claim to be the best?

The first indicator is customer reviews. Look at their case studies to get better insights into their success stories and the experience of working with them. Link building is important, so you need a company with good relationships with others for collaborations.

It would be best to ask them what methods they use to deliver SEO results. You don’t want to work with a company that uses dubious tactics to get to the first page only for Google to penalize your website.

Additionally, you want to work with an SEO company that understands your needs and budget. You’ll rarely want to go with the cheapest in the market, but you also have to work within your budget.

Why is SEO Important for SaaS Companies?

SaaS SEO is essential for SaaS companies because it helps you increase brand visibility. Ranking highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) helps you become an industry leader in your chosen niche. People tend to purchase products from businesses on the first page.

SEO also helps attain scalable growth. Using SEO as part of your SaaS marketing strategy reduces your dependence on paid ads. Using an SEO campaign increases brand awareness, gets you quality leads, boosts sales and makes you a leader in your market.

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