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SaaS Keyword Research Services: Generate Leads with the Right Keyword Targeting

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SaaS Keyword Research Services: Generate Leads with the Right Keyword Targeting

Our team of SEO specialists understands our customers’ thought processes at every stage of the purchasing pipeline. Using our experience and keyword research software, we’ll help you use the right keywords to generate leads and convert them.





What Are Keyword Research Services?

Keywords are essential to your SEO success. To help your business improve search rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, SEO professionals conduct keyword research. Keyword specialists offer keyword research services that include extensive research and selection of relevant and strategic keywords that help you optimize your website and amplify brand visibility online.

Keyword research services focus on improving a website’s rank on Google’s search results. Every company hopes to rank on Google’s first page, and keyword research ensures you’re targeting the right words and phrases on your site and other content assets.

How Our Keyword Research Services Set You up for Success

Experienced SEO Experts

Search intent matters throughout the buyer’s journey, so you need to optimize certain keywords in the different stages of the sales funnel. Search engine spiders that crawl your website also pick up on optimized vital terms and use them to determine search engine results rankings. You need experienced SEO specialists to help you in selecting keywords that boost your site’s performance.

At Zenpost, our SEO team provides experience and expertise. We have helped many clients on their SEO journey, so we know what works. Use our expertise at selecting targeted keywords to optimize for Google’s search robots and factor in your customers’ search intent.

Comprehensive Keyword Analysis

We dig deep into your data to get a better understanding of your keyword usage. Additionally, we conduct a competitors’ analysis to identify opportunities that we could exploit to help boost your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. Thorough keyword analysis allows us to select target keywords that bring relevant traffic to your website.

Data Accuracy

Successful SEO is data-driven. We use leading industry research tools to gather historical information, competitor intelligence and analyze current trends to make informed decisions. Our data gives you a better picture of keywords ranking and a better perspective of industry trends in general.

Results-Driven SEO Keyword Research Services

Our keyword research and SEO strategies are rooted in hard data. Eliminate the guesswork in search engine optimization by using an SEO strategy driven by facts and figures. We use the analysis of your competitors, keyword analysis, and our expertise in search algorithms to create winning strategies.

Further, we track how organic traffic on your website leads to revenue generation. You don’t have to guess your SEO efforts’ impact on your bottom line. Our services ensure that you can track your return on investment (ROI), keeping you and your investors informed and happy.

You can also measure the success of the targeted keywords in your SEO campaign by tracking the ranking on the results pages. We use quantifiable metrics to assess the impact of specific keywords on your target audience, so you don’t have to speculate.

Lead Generation

We understand that large and small businesses invest in keyword research services to generate more leads and boost sales. That’s why we are committed to helping our clients identify keywords that help reach the target market throughout the buyer’s journey. It’s not enough to increase organic traffic on your website, you need the right visitors who will buy your products and services.

Collaborative and Transparent Customer Relationship

We are experts at keywords and SEO, but you are the expert at your business. That’s why we work closely with our clients to get information about their business and industry. We welcome and incorporate our customers’ insights into keywords in their market.

Keyword research is a part of SEO campaigns, and we offer our customers 100% transparency. You can quickly check the progress of chosen keyword strategies and the entire SEO campaign, and we’ll respond to any concerns or feedback. We are confident in our results and can easily change a plan if needed.

At Zenpost, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service and results. What’s more, you can easily access reports on your campaigns at any time, giving you access to real-time information.

Keyword Research Process


Knowing Our Clients

To guide our service delivery to each company that we offer our keyword research services, we first have to know you.

We set up a meeting with key members of your team to better understand your company, your product, sales, your business goals, your existing SEO campaign, and your broader digital marketing plan.

Having an in-depth understanding of the businesses we work with enables us to conduct keyword research with particular objectives in mind and influences strategy creation.

zenpost keyword research know clients

Website Keyword Analysis

We review historical information on your website using Google Analytics and our analytics tools. At this stage, we gather as much information on your site and other content assets as possible. Our thematic search query provides insight into head terms, long-tail keywords, and their search volume.

zenpost keyword research keyword analysis

Competitor Analysis

You compete for the same target audience with other businesses in your market. Extensively analyzing your competition lets us know if you’re competing for the same keywords, which different words and phrases they are using, and which opportunities you can exploit to get the attention of prospective buyers. We also spot weaknesses in your usage of keywords based on comparative analysis with your competition.

zenpost keyword research competitor analysis

Keyword Relevance Review

Keyword relevance is essential for site and page ranking on Google and any other search engine. Using keyword research software and manual searches, we determine which keywords Google deems relevant to a search query.

zenpost keyword research keyword relevance review

Keyword Strategy Formulation

Now that we have a comprehensive keywords report — which includes information from your website, competitors’ websites, and your industry in general — we use this information to create an SEO plan. Our keyword targeting strategies give recommendations for different aspects of SEO, including content creation, links, off-page and on-page SEO of your website.

We discuss with you our findings, recommendations, and implementation plan. Our proposals detail keyword targeting on the primary pages and other content assets.

zenpost keyword research keyword strategy formulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is critical to the success of your SEO campaign. It doesn’t matter how good either your website’s user experience is or its content; if you’re not optimizing for relevant keywords, you won’t perform well in Google site ranks. If you’re not appearing on the first page when prospective buyers are searching, then you’re missing out on sales.

Additionally, consumers use different vital phrases on various stages of their buyer’s journey while searching Google. Keyword research helps you identify key terms based on search intent, search volume, and competition. Strategically using all this information drives relevant traffic to your website so imagine how much traffic you miss out on when you don’t conduct keyword research.

Keyword ranking is a valuable measure of SEO success. If your keywords help you improve your rank on search results, you can track your SEO efforts’ progress.

Businesses should focus on SEO because it’s a better long-term digital marketing strategy than pay-per-click (PPC). SEO is more cost-effective since you target the highest value keywords, which significantly improves site ranking. Keywords form the basis of a prosperous SEO campaign.

What Does Keyword Research Do?

Keyword research helps you generate SEO keywords to use on your site and other content assets. You can strategically use the identified keywords in your blog posts, pages on the site, images, and other places to optimize the visibility of your company or product. You’re more likely to use the wrong keywords or overuse keywords without keyword research.

Either of these scenarios means that you miss out on relevant traffic and sales because your website pages don’t appear in search queries. Your SaaS SEO agency helps you use keyword research to grow in SERPs.

How Much Does Keyword Research Cost?

The cost of keyword research depends on your business needs. The price will differ significantly depending on the existence of an SEO campaign, current search rankings, industry, and target audience. However, keyword research doesn’t have to break the bank for it to help you accomplish your goals.

Can I Do Keyword Research for Free?

Yes. Keyword research doesn’t necessarily have to cost you thousands of dollars. The market currently has many free keyword research tools.

However, although these free keyword research tools provide helpful insight into your keyword usage and that of your industry, they come with certain limitations. You might need to use a combination of the free tools to get comprehensive details on keywords. You also need to have enough knowledge and experience conducting keyword research and using your findings to conduct successful SEO campaigns.

While you can do your own keyword research for free, using an SEO agency gives you more benefits. You get access to excellent keyword research tools and SEO experts who conduct the research, interpret it and help you formulate a winning keyword strategy leading to a successful SEO campaign.

Ready to Dominate The First Page of Google?

At Zenpost, our team of SEO specialists is focused on growing your qualified leads and boosting your revenue. We provide a personalized experience to all of our clients. Contact us today, and let’s get started on your SEO journey.