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Enterprise SEO Agency: Simplifying SEO at Scale

Brand awareness drives business growth and ensures market dominance. Customers need to believe in your usefulness as a brand at every step of the purchase journey.
With customers relying on Google’s search engine results to provide the best recommendations, your business needs not only to appear on the first page of search results but ideally in the top half of those results.
Google is like that teacher who makes every student earn their recommendation through hard work and high-quality content. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. To rank highly on Google’s organic searches and retain that position, you need enterprise SEO.


Enterprise SEO Agency: Simplifying SEO at Scale

Brand awareness drives business growth and ensures market dominance. Customers need to believe in your usefulness as a brand at every step of the purchase journey.

With customers relying on Google’s search engine results to provide the best recommendations, your business needs not only to appear on the first page of search results but ideally in the top half of those results.

Google is like that teacher who makes every student earn their recommendation through hard work and high-quality content. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. To rank highly on Google’s organic searches and retain that position, you need enterprise SEO.





What is Enterprise SEO?

An enterprise or eCommerce site will typically have hundreds if not thousands of pages. The sites will have large amounts of content, pages, and images that require search engine optimization. Enterprise level SEO follows the fundamentals of SEO but at a larger scale.

Enterprise SEO uses strategies that factor in the large-scale aspect of such businesses to ensure that their sites rank highly on search engines in organic searches.

Why Choose Zenpost Enterprise SEO Agency?

Dedicated Account Manager and Team of SEO Experts

Unlike the SEO needs of a small business, corporate SEO services require an extra workforce to handle all the products and work involved. Zenpost assigns you a team of SEO experts dedicated to your account. They learn your brand, products, business needs, and goals in and out and are committed to ensuring you achieve your goals throughout the enterprise SEO journey with our SEO company.

SEO Services
SEO Services

Experienced SEO Team

SEO is an ever-evolving field. The best practices that worked last year will not guarantee that you remain in the top position on search engine ranking this year. You need to anticipate algorithm changes, learn to identify the new approach quickly, and respond accordingly at a fast pace to win a large share of organic traffic.

As a leading digital marketing agency, Zenpost has a team of experienced SEO experts who will ensure that you maintain brand visibility at all times.


You need an enterprise SEO company that is transparent. Unlike other enterprise SEO companies that engage in dodgy behavior, we are straightforward in our processes and reporting. We answer even the hard questions.

You don’t have to worry about the progress of your enterprise SEO campaign because we take you through every step. Are you answerable to other stakeholders? No need to worry; we provide you with the needed answers to ensure everybody is on the same page.

We provide detailed reports and show the progress of your goals. Further, you can also access this information without asking us to offer it since you also have access to your account.

SEO Services

Reliable Team

Search engine optimization is not a sprint but a marathon. You need a reliable and trusted partner to walk with you the entire journey, and Zenpost is that partner.

Your success is our mission. We are available for any questions that you may have. We provide valuable recommendations, and you can quickly contact us.

Digital crises can happen at any time because of the nature of online platforms. Bad publicity can arise from anywhere and affect your marketing strategy, and you need to know that your enterprise SEO agency is available to get you through any emergencies. We value our clients and provide accessible and open communication lines.


At Zenpost, data drives our enterprise SEO strategies. We don’t get caught up in guesswork because we use data to inform our strategy. We use tools like website analytics, market research, Google trends, content analysis, and backlinks analysis to better grasp your SEO and online marketing needs.

We don’t form any strategies before gathering the necessary information needed. Data is crucial in identifying and prioritizing areas that require intense tactics.

SEO Services

Result Oriented

You’re spending your financial and other resources on enterprise SEO; you deserve to see results. At Zenpost, we are committed to achieving the intended results in all our SEO efforts. We use all the digital marketing tools that we can use to get the machine and AI parts correct, which, combined with the human expertise of our SEO team, yields returns.

You don’t have to worry about providing justifications for your marketing expenditure. The increased sales will convince even the most stubborn shareholders.

How Do We Measure Your Enterprise SEO Progress?

Sales Tracking

For eCommerce sites whose points of sale are on the website, tracking the customer’s journey through the website to the checkout provides vital information. We’re able to identify areas that present scalability opportunities and focus efforts on conversion rate optimization. Using various tools and filters, we can locate the source of the traffic, which could be social media, organic search, or other sources.

Phone Calls

Many small businesses and large enterprises get conversions through phone calls. Tracking phone calls as a success metric tells us what digital advertising approach or relevant keywords led to an engagement. For example, if a local bakery gets a call to place an order from a house three streets away, the customer most likely found the number due to local SEO.


Businesses don’t just spend on enterprise SEO without expecting a return on investment and revenue is a great way to track success. We backtrack revenue to determine the sale source, whether it was through organic traffic, social media, or other online marketing initiatives.

Identifying the customer’s journey with the product or service provides insights into which SEO channels work and which ones require improvement.

Goal Tracking

At the onset of the SEO campaign, we set clear goals together with our clients. Such goals include a specific organic traffic target, leads, number of sales, and revenue. We also determine a particular time frame within which we’d like to accomplish the goals. These goals serve as a measure of progress and influence decision-making throughout the SEO journey with our clients.

Our Enterprise SEO Process



The first step as a top enterprise SEO consultant is to understand your company. We have a discovery session where a member of our team meets with members from your different departments. The goal is to understand your brand, business needs, and the marketing initiatives already in place.

Just like any other SEO strategy, enterprise SEO works as part of a broader digital marketing strategy. So, we need to understand what other marketing campaigns are running and your business goals before creating a customized plan to fit your company’s needs.

Zenpost How It Works Step 1

Industry Research

Understanding your competition and the tactics that they are using helps get a better insight into the search intent of customers in your industry. In addition to conducting competition intelligence, we also look for keyword gaps that could provide an opportunity for your business to solidify your position as an authoritative voice in your industry.

Content plays a crucial role in search engine ranking. So we audit content on our enterprise clients’ sites to identify areas that require optimization. The content audit also helps in pinpointing content areas that need additional material.

Zenpost How It Works Step 2

Strategy Formulation

Google and other search engines prioritize your customer’s experience during a search query. Zenpost cares about you achieving your business goals. Therefore, our SEO efforts’ primary objective is to find an intersection between Google’s concern for customer experience and achieving your goals as an enterprise.



Once we create strategies, it’s time to create content and place it in front of potential customers using the tactics and channels agreed on in the plan. Depending on the enterprise business, you may choose to have us handle the content creation, or we may be involved in a consulting capacity. Some companies have in-house teams for content creation or have limited resources; thus prefer to handle content, while others engage the services of our experienced copywriters and other content creators.

Using our enterprise SEO firm for content creation is advisable because we have tools that help us detect market trends promptly to readjust how we deliver the content. Further, we have relationships with authority sites that can help boost organic traffic.

Zenpost How It Works Step 4

Analysis and Reporting

We continuously track and monitor the progress of the SEO plans. Each month, Zenpost provides detailed reporting on the various aspects of the SEO initiative, providing recommendations for improvement. We also provide customized reports on requests at shorter intervals than a month if you need them.


Enterprise SEO Services

Comprehensive SEO Audit

Before creating any strategies for your business, it’s critical to understand the current state of your website and its level of optimization. Our company conducts a complete enterprise SEO audit to gain deeper insight into the SEO strategies already in place, gauge their effectiveness and identify areas of weakness and blind spots that offer opportunities. The information gathered from the SEO audit provides a basis to create SEO strategies.

Keyword Research and Optimization

Keyword optimization is essential when you want to reach the right audience in an organic search. Working with a top enterprise SEO agency like Zenpost ensures that you target keywords that help you gain qualified leads.

Unlike small businesses with few keywords to work with, large companies need to target many keywords, sometimes even hundreds, to reach relevant audiences. We conduct keyword research that compares your keyword rankings to your competition to give us an insight into where improvements are needed.

A small business will optimize keywords in a specific city where they operate, but for large corporations, you need a comprehensive keywords strategy that expands your reach into all the locations in which you operate.

Zenpost conducts in-depth keyword research and creates keyword strategies that capitalize on keyword gaps, trendy terms, and low costs of keywords. Our experience and tools enable us to accurately predict patterns so that your enterprise remains ahead of the curve.

Competition Evaluation

Analyzing your competition is an excellent way to conduct market research. We perform evaluations on your competitors to know which keywords give them website traffic so that we can identify keywords to target.

Evaluating the competition goes beyond just comparing keyword usage. We also look at web design since this is another critical element that affects customer experience on sites and can lead to a bottleneck in the sales process.

Custom Enterprise SEO Strategy

At Zenpost, we understand that every enterprise is unique and has its own specific business needs. We’ll meet you at your level of need. After discussing with our enterprise clients’ products and goals, we create an enterprise SEO strategy that suits your needs while incorporating the best practices that will help you start seeing results within a reasonable time frame.

Technical SEO Auditing and Optimization

Technical SEO is an integral part of enterprise SEO. Enterprise businesses often have thousands of pages on their website. Web design and architecture are both factors that influence Google’s ability to crawl, scan, and index those pages.

The technical aspects of a website, like loading speed, influence your potential customer’s user experience. If a website has a high bounce rate, Google will not recommend it to users. A top enterprise service provider like Zenpost will first conduct a website audit to gauge the technical SEO baseline.

A website audit provides accurate data on the state of the website infrastructure and optimization of the site. Our team includes web developers who can improve your web design, increase loading speed, optimize your site for a better user experience, and influence Google ranking.

Scalable Content Creation and Optimization

No matter how good your content is, it’s only valuable to potential customers if they actually find it. You need to be on the first page at the very least to get this kind of reach. Our SEO experts help you with ideas, creation, and optimization of content so that you provide value to customers.

As an enterprise, you already have large quantities of content on your website, so we also help re-optimize old content. We make sure you use the right keywords and follow the best SEO practices to increase high-quality organic traffic to your site.

Link Building

Link building helps you increase credibility and make it easier for Google to find and index your pages. You need both external and internal link building. External link building links your pages to other websites, while internal links connect to other pages on your own site.

Zenpost helps you create a robust internal link building approach that helps search engines find your pages faster and index them. Using our relationships, we help create backlinks to other authoritative websites to increase your credibility.


Reporting is an essential part of enterprise SEO strategy. If an enterprise SEO company doesn’t offer to report on the progress of the SEO campaign, that should raise the alarm. Using website analytics, Google analytics, and other data tracking and gathering tools, we conduct an in-depth evaluation of the progress of SEO campaigns.

From the data and analysis, we provide our clients with recommendations on areas that need changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

How is Enterprise SEO different from traditional SEO?

Generally, search engine optimization helps sites rank on the first page of search results. There are very few people who go past the first page of search results, so if your website doesn’t appear here, you lose out on quality organic traffic. Traditional search engine optimization uses an organic SEO strategy to ensure Google and other search engines crawl, scan, index the website page, and recognize it as valuable enough to present it to a user during a search query.

Now, enterprise SEO follows the fundamentals of SEO, but it requires more tremendous efforts due to the large scale of operations. Enterprise level sites have thousands of pages, and it’s the job of the enterprise SEO expert to ensure that every one of these pages ranks highly. Enterprise SEO can’t work with a scaled-up version of small business SEO because it’s more nuanced than that.

Enterprise SEO involves:

  • Aggressive keyword targeting
  • Ensuring search engines can crawl and index every page
  • Optimizing for every product the enterprise sells

Why is Enterprise SEO important?

The primary objective of enterprise SEO is to increase brand awareness, boost organic website traffic and increase conversion rates. Proper enterprise SEO strategy ensures that your company appears several times in the customer’s journey. The customers become familiar with your brand and perceive it to be an authority or trusted business in the market.

It could be because the brand ranks highly in organic search or that other trusted domains mention your brand due to strategic and good link building. The combination of tactics that an enterprise SEO agency uses increases brand visibility on search engines.

Remember that you can’t pay your way to rank on Google’s first page in search results — you have to earn it. Regardless of the size of the company, Google gives a fair chance to every player. So it’s possible for a small business with a good SEO strategy to outperform large enterprise companies in search engine ranking, and this is why you need enterprise SEO.

A good enterprise SEO strategy not only increases online visibility but also protects you from losing customer trust. Remaining on the top is not a guarantee; it takes continuous SEO effort.

How much does enterprise SEO cost?

The cost of enterprise SEO services depends on several variables like the size of the enterprise and the business needs. The working arrangement with the enterprise SEO company also affects enterprise SEO costs. Some companies opt to have the in-house digital marketing team take on the larger share of the SEO campaign and have the agency serve as the trusted enterprise SEO consultant. Other companies have the enterprise SEO agency run the campaign with the help of members from the business who provide the needed information on products.

These factors heavily affect the price. However, generally, having an enterprise SEO agency costs anything between $12,000 and $30,000 per month. Having an in-house team would include the team’s salaries and any outsourcing needed.

Should I Use An Enterprise SEO Agency or an In-House Digital Marketing Team?

Many large enterprises hire an SEO company or have an in-house digital marketing team to handle enterprise SEO. The choice of either depends on the company.

An in-house digital advertising team works because the team is already familiar with the branding and product mix of the company. The team has an in-depth understanding of the complimentary marketing channels that the company is using, so it’s easy for them to formulate SEO strategies that work in line with the other advertising channels.

On the other hand, an enterprise SEO firm has a team of SEO experts whose sole purpose is to provide SEO services to businesses in different industries. The group specializes in providing these services to clients; therefore, it is more likely to have superior SEO skill sets.

Additionally, unlike an in-house team, an enterprise SEO company has no bias towards any aspect of the current SEO strategy in place. The SEO company provides a fresh look at the website, content, and strategy. An outside team also identifies weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities without the influence of office politics that affect many corporate departments.

If your company has a shortage of funds, it would be wise to consider the implications of enterprise SEO costs associated with either choice. Hiring an enterprise SEO company would require a high up-front payment. However, with an SEO firm, you can start working on your SEO immediately. The team comes with sophisticated SEO tools, data, and expertise, eliminating the need for recruiting and training.

An in-house marketing team has monthly salaries for several people since one or two people cannot do enterprise SEO. The scale and strategic nuances associated with successful enterprise SEO campaigns need specialized people to tackle each aspect. Office space, training, and the time taken to set up the team also increase the costs.

Additionally, the company would also need to invest in software to manage the SEO account. In a nutshell, while an in-house digital marketing team could manage your enterprise SEO, you get more value from a trusted enterprise SEO agency.

How Do You Plan an Enterprise SEO Strategy?

Different enterprise SEO agencies have varied processes. Additionally, an enterprise SEO strategy depends on the particular enterprise; you can’t have a one-size-fits-all in SEO. However, the general approach is first to research the business, audit the website and the competition, conduct keyword research, and deliberate on the best way forward. Once the SEO plan is in motion, the SEO agency needs to conduct regular analysis and reporting.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Enterprise SEO, like other types of SEO, takes a while to show measurable results. Furthermore, achieving SEO objectives isn’t like arriving at a destination and the journey ends. With SEO, the journey is continuous. The changing nature of factors that the search engine algorithms consider to give customers a good experience keeps changing, so you have to keep up with the best practices.

That said, it takes at least four to six months to get valuable data on the progress of an enterprise SEO strategy. Within four months, you can see the impact of the various strategies put in place. You can see the changes in organic traffic, sources, and behavior of website traffic, as well as conversion rates.

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