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SaaS Marketing Agency That Helps You Grow MRR & SQLs with Result-driven Strategies

Zenpost is a full-service SaaS marketing agency specializing in results-driven SaaS growth achieved by creating high-return on investment (ROI) digital marketing strategies. These strategies bring your average user acquisition costs down to a bare minimum while generating more targeted traffic, identifying and nurturing qualified leads, and making certain that your leads will convert into demos, free trials, and paying customers.

If you are looking for a SaaS marketing agency to market your software as a service product professionally and get you the best ROI possible for your budget, give the experts at Zenpost a try.

With our experience in product marketing, conversion rate optimization, growth hacking, and lead generation, we can ensure that your SaaS growth is something you can bank on. We’ll maximize your digital marketing campaign ROI by getting to know your target audience and creating data-driven marketing strategies that pull prospects in from every stage of the marketing funnel and get them to take action.


How Are We Different from Other SaaS Marketing Agencies?

While most marketing agencies will treat you like any other client and try to increase your brand awareness through newsletter sign-ups and sales, Zenpost has worked with SaaS business owners directly and we understand what makes a SaaS marketing campaign different.

We’ve crafted highly successful SaaS campaigns for our clients, and we know that you need to generate qualified leads that are interested in your software platform.

Zenpost is different from other SaaS companies because we’ve already been there and done that. We know what it takes to put together a high-ROI SaaS campaign that is tailored to get your software in front of all of the right people, without running into SaaS marketing problems that you might experience with an agency that has never run a SaaS campaign.

We can craft the perfect multi-level inbound marketing strategy to connect your product with your target audiences where they interact most online and build awareness at the top of the funnel, then nurture them and secure free trials and sign-ups, making certain that your software or platform sells efficiently.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

Do your homework before speaking with a B2B SaaS marketing agency so that you can make the best use of your time and your budget. See if they have the right experience and approach by looking at their client list and past work. Create a shortlist ahead of time that works for everyone by establishing a consensus internally on what your company needs.

Most importantly, seek an agency that builds sustainable relationships with its clients and stays up to speed on the latest SaaS marketing trends. That will tell you if they are worth their weight. An effective SaaS marketing strategy will take the necessary time to research and understand your target market and business objectives so that they can craft just the strategy to deliver tangible results that will propel your business forward.

Here are some questions that you should ask when looking for the right agency:

What’s Your Experience in the Software Industry?

With a software marketing agency, you can access a wide range of expertise needed to develop and execute an integrated marketing strategy from start to finish. So, for your agency to be able to help you maximize your marketing investment, they should stay current on the latest news, trends, and technologies in marketing.

Ask for testimonials and case studies from industry clients when selecting a digital marketing agency for software. In addition, look for content that demonstrates the agency’s market-specific thought leadership (e.g., blog posts, whitepapers, etc.).

SaaS Marketing Services
SaaS Marketing Services

What Type of Marketing Mix do You Implement?

In addition to covering all relevant digital channels, your agency should help you come up with an inbound and outbound marketing strategy. Your inbound marketing agency should be able to come up with a well-thought-out campaign for your SaaS company; one focused on lead generation and conversions, not just marketing automation.

Moreover, a marketing plan needs to be provided. Researching your audience, finding the most actionable SEO keywords, optimizing your website, and maintaining consistent PR should all be parts of the plan.

How Do You Handle Client Communications?

Working relationships are healthy and productive when there is a clear communication plan. It is important to assign one point of contact to your software agency to help manage the account and handle client correspondence to minimize errors, delays, and confusion.

These account managers must have experience working with a multi-disciplinary marketing team to ensure all communications are based on a thorough understanding of the context and history of the account. In addition, the agency must establish channels (e.g., Teamwork, Slack, Trello, and schedule regular Zoom calls) for communication with clients and set expectations that guarantee timely responses.

SaaS Marketing Services
SaaS Marketing Services

What’s Your Internal Process and Project Management Approach?

To make sure that all bases are covered, experienced SaaS marketing companies follow a well-defined process. To keep everyone on the same page, their process should enable you to set key milestones and provide a detailed project plan.

In addition, all projects and campaigns should be updated weekly by your agency. Your agency team should follow the project plan, but be flexible and agile as well — pivoting to whatever is most beneficial and relevant when new information or market conditions change.

How Do You Handle Scoping, Budgeting, and Billing?

Your marketing spend is automatically lower when you contract an experienced team to handle your SaaS growth, because knowing the ins and outs of every platform, and then campaign management and optimization, end up paying off in the long run. Depending on the nature and scope of your projects, you may need to choose a different budgeting and billing approach. Point-based systems, for example, can be a useful tool if you have a clearly defined scope and set of deliverables.

A comprehensive scope of work helps ensure that everyone on both sides is on the same page so you know what the agency is delivering and the agency knows what you’re getting. Specifically state how your agency handles out-of-scope requests or an extended timeline in the statement of work (SOW).

SaaS Marketing Services
SaaS Marketing Services

Do You Offer Data Analytics and Reporting?

You don’t hire an agency to create Facebook Ads just to pay for them, you hire them because you want results. Your agency needs a robust reporting system to stay on track in today’s fast-paced business environment, where accurate data-driven decision-making is an integral part of success.

To measure each campaign’s effectiveness, the agency should understand your marketing objectives and identify meaningful key performance indicators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What Is SaaS Marketing?

SaaS marketing involves lead promotion and acquisition strategies for subscription-based software products. SaaS is a platform for businesses to sell their products in the cloud via cloud-based applications, and they are frequently updated and provide new features.

Unlike businesses that sell physical products or one-time purchases, SaaS businesses provide intangible products and must continue to prove to their existing and potential customers that the monthly fee for the service is worthwhile.

How Can Your Marketing Agency Fix B2B Digital Marketing Pain Points?

From demand generation and maintaining a constant growth strategy to converting PPC results into qualified leads and reducing ad spend to make maximum use of minimum budgets, Zenpost understands your pain points. Because we are a highly collaborative team with years of experience, we can overcome obstacles as they arise with ease and deliberation.

Optimizing your expenditure for maximum ROI, building up your content marketing through blogging, and adjusting your AdWords usage are just some of the ways that Zenpost can fix pain points that could cause hiccups during your campaign.

A SaaS marketing agency can perform in-depth data analysis to understand the data pulled from your niche and target audiences. More than that, however, your agency should know about and make use of the right analytical tools at the right times. Heatmaps, for example, can help identify problems with your content by gauging user activity and improving your conversion rates in real-time — something many agencies never bother looking into.

What Channels Are Best to Hire a SaaS Marketing Agency for?

We generally come across SaaS companies who need professional video promos, animated explainer videos about their product, paid ads and paid social media ads management. This is simply because they don’t have the time to run their SaaS business and closely monitor their campaigns, edit videos, etc.

What Are the Best SaaS Marketing Channels?

Some of the best marketing channels to advertise your SaaS product include video marketing platforms, social media, paid advertising, retargeting, and paid content discovery. However, there are other ways to promote your product that can be very lucrative, depending on who your target audience is, and what problem your product solves.

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