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Struggling To Find Qualified Niche Writers?

Quality Content At Scale

We have the writers, tools, and editorial processes to meet your quality content needs at scale.

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High-Quality Content At Scale? Is That Really Possible?

See For Yourself...

Nuno Brito

PandaDoc Notary

“Zenpost has been a key driver in our early success at PandaDoc Notary! Within 4 months of partnering, Zenpost helped us 10x our organic traffic and user signups. Their SEO strategy and technical optimizations have led to a 26% increase in our site’s CTR. Additionally, their team’s professionalism, campaign management, and communication has made for a very seamless partnership. I highly recommend!”

Joe Ciccolo


“Since using Zenpost’s SEO content strategy and creation services, we 10X’d our organic traffic. Their approach unique SEO strategies has helped us cement our position within our corner of the industry. As a busy business owner, you want solutions that continue to deliver results without needing to be deeply involved in the day-to-day. Zenpost is that solution for us.”

Annelise Strader
“Zenpost delivered amazing results for our product launch by coming up with the right SaaS SEO content strategy for our niche offer and creating evergreen assets for us that attract organic traffic and assist us in the sales cycle. We’re incredibly niche within our industry, so it was difficult to find the right partner. Zenpost put those worries to bed in the first strategic call. Working with their content managers and writers was a breeze. They are now our content marketing agency of record.”
Hanna Stechenko


“Zenpost has been PandaDoc’s go-to integrated SEO partner. They have allowed our content operations to 10x over the last 12 months. Their ability to scale content while maintaining quality has been a huge factor in our success.”

Jonas Ziv


“Zenpost has been a reliable, professional, and premium digital content service for our brands. The content we received from Zenpost exceeded our expectations in quality and turnaround time. We highly recommend Zenpost for any digital media company looking for a trustworthy all-in-one content solution.”

Nathan Sutanto


“Zenpost allowed us to rapidly scale our content output while skipping the process of finding, vetting, and managing writers. We told our account manager what we needed and his team delivered. When you engage Zenpost‘s services, you’re basically getting an instant writing department.”

Why is it so hard to ramp up content?

Your lean team is responsible for growing a medium to large brand.

You understand that an aggressive content strategy is a critical piece of the puzzle. You’ve built the content strategy.

All that’s missing are writers, and your goals of dominating search and running circles around your competitors will be realized.

Sounds simple. But soon, your days fill up with this crap…

It's Not Your Fault

Content At Scale Is Hard And The Current Options Aren't Built For It.

If you need a metric ton of content, you really only have two options: Do it yourself, or content mills. 

Let’s look at these options:

There’s not much else out there aside from these two options. 

Oh sure, there are other agencies. But a lot of content agencies just arbitrage content mills.

They lose margins trying to protect you from broken workflows. You get frustrated with the content anyway. They get frustrated managing the arbitrage. Everyone ends up with a broken heart. 

It just doesn’t work.

Scaling Content Shouldn't Be This Painful

Content At Scale Is Hard And The Current Options Aren't Built For It.

Close your eyes (only figuratively, so you can keep reading) and imagine a better system. Let’s call it your “perfect content solution.”

What does your perfect content solution look like?

Gone are the days spent agonizing over finding the right writers, editing and rewriting content yourself, and ignoring your other responsibilities.

Instead, you pop your head in, inspect the line, grab another cup of coffee, and go about the rest of your day.

That’s how content at scale should work. So we built a system that does just that.


Scaled Content System

This is a system built to succeed where all others fail. A system that:

We Figured Out How To 10X Content Production

(Without Sacrificing Quality, Or Requiring Tons Of Internal Overhead And Stress)

Zenpost’s Scaled Content System applies the tools, people, and processes you need to execute your content strategy.

It’s a bolt-on, DFY solution that focuses on quality, and importantly, consistency at scale.

Zenpost's Scaled Content System

An Overnight, Plug-And-Play Editorial Department

We move in, set up shop, and get to work alongside your internal department right away. 

We’re not here to replace anybody. We’re an out-of-the-box enterprise editorial solution that gets to work on Day 1 so you don’t have to waste months of valuable time and resources on dead-end systems. 

If you have big content plans and want to get them going ASAP, Zenpost is your secret weapon. Your VIP.

Let’s compare it to your other options:

Gone are the days spent agonizing over finding the right writers, editing and rewriting content yourself, and ignoring your other responsibilities.

Instead, you pop your head in, inspect the line, grab another cup of coffee, and go about the rest of your day.

That’s how content at scale should work. So we built a system that does just that.

Trusted by the fastest growing companies

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Here's The "But"...

There is only one problem with our system. It only works for a very specific kind of client.



It pains us to say it, but we know from experience that our solution just isn’t going to work for you unless you fit this profile.

We’ve seen it done every which way, and unless these conditions are in place, content at scale is going to be a slog, and we don’t want to waste your time or ours.

We've spent the last 10 years solving this very problem

We started with a publisher agency working with dozens of brands scaling them up to upwards of 150 articles per month. Produced over 30,000 pieces of content. Investing $150,000 into content technology to streamline workflows and ensure quality control of content.

Countless hours refining editorial procedures and QA measures to ensure consistency and quality of content. Building out a vetted network of professional and dependable niche writers.

Frequently Asked Questions

First thing’s first – Zenpost’s Scaled Content System is a whole system, not a content marketplace. Therefore, CPW is not really the best metric for budgeting our services. What’s important here is that the Scaled Content System is a bolt-on, DFY system that works. Period. But, we understand that it helps to have some kind of number to pull a rough budget estimate together. While we can’t say exactly what your content will cost without talking to you first, you can use $0.35 CPW as a starting point for our services. Content costs will be the majority of your investment in our services by a healthy mile. But there are other line items for the system to account for in your budget planning. That’s why we say you need at least $20,000/m for the content alone.

You’ve probably noticed we’ve bent over backwards to distance ourselves from content marketplaces, mills, and gig boards like Upwork. There’s a reason for that. We proactively search the web for the most qualified professionals in our niches, and have spent years building a contact list of vetted, expert writers. We do not operate a “race to the bottom” model where we find the cheapest possible freelancer to work on your content. We offer our writers a competitive rate, because after 10 years of doing this, we can confidently say that in content, you get what you pay for.

Pulling together the right team for your campaign is a huge part of the first month of the relationship. But it’s a process. Sometimes writers can be a perfect niche match, but a terrible writer, for instance (happens more often than you think). What we’re getting at here is perfect niche match is one of the criteria we use to pull together the writer team. But it’s not the end-all, be-all. The important thing is getting content that you are happy with, and working on a few pieces in that first month together is how we’re able to do that, and then, to scale it in Month 2.

As mentioned, we have a minimum monthly content budget commitment of $20,000 but we also require a minimum campaign duration commitment of 3 months.

Still Not Convinced?

If You Haven't Already Applied To Work With Us, It Means One Of Four Things:

1. You think it's too expensive

Mama used to say that a $5,000/m client will keep negotiating to get the lowest possible price, and then be a PITA all month. But a $50,000 client will just ask who to send the check to. If the minimum investment estimates we provided above gave you sticker shock, we’ll save you some time – Zenpost’s Scaled Content System is not for you. Come back later!

2. You're worried we won't have the right writers

This one can be tough! Especially if you’re super, super niche. But honestly, if you’re that niche, then anybody qualified to write for you is either not a freelance writer (because they’re making better money in your industry) OR, they’re going to be obscenely expensive. The truth is, your ideal soulmate writers may not exist, or, it will be tough to find enough of them to scale a content plan. We will find qualified, competent professional writers who can deliver content you are proud to put your name on, at scale. We will not outsource your content (and your trust) to the lowest bidder in a mad dash to make a little bit of extra margin.

3. You don't trust us yet

Hey, we’re strangers. We get it. If our testimonials, case studies, and charming confidence haven’t won you over yet, and you match the criteria we’ve listed out, the next step is to book a no-pressure discovery call. We’ll feel each other out and see if we can help you. If we don’t think we’ll be a good match, we’ll say so. And if you don’t think we’re the right fit, no hard feelings!

4. You don't have your content strategy together

Maybe you’re sold on content and have a healthy budget to throw at a campaign, but you just don’t have those initial steps taken care of yet. Things like keyword and competitor research, what kind of content you want to produce, topics you want to cover, and some of the technical SEO stuff you’ll need to get the most of out your campaign. Book a discovery call and let’s see if these are needs we can help address.

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