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SEO Blog Writing Services: Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

An effective content marketing strategy involves creating and distributing regularly published and targeted content designed to capture and captivate a clearly defined audience and drive customer purchases. Zenpost specializes in delivering strategic, results-driven content written by expert copywriters and edited by a team of content creation experts with their minds on one thing — your company’s success.

Content marketers — the people who specialize in creating content for blogs or social media sites — understand that their clientele needs information that’s targeted, educational, and engaging, while also communicating clearly with search engines.

Zenpost specializes in delivering results-driven professional blog creation services for customers who wish to drive business growth. Our blog writing services are backed by content strategies that our experts have designed to engage your ideal prospects, drastically improve your most important KPIs, and convert visitors into paying customers!


A Few Key Blog Writing Services Statistics You Should Know

Did you know that new startups have risen between 9% and 30% in every state in the US since the pandemic? It’s true. What’s more, 55% of those businesses plan on investing in digital marketing services. There is one simple, proven fact for this. It’s a smart move!

Just look at these numbers:

SEO-optimized blog content drives 1,000%+ more web traffic than organic social media, and approximately 60% of marketers say their highest-quality leads come from inbound marketing (SEO, blog content, etc.). There’s no secret behind these statistics.

Content marketing strategies, when implemented correctly, are one of the most cost-effective, longest-lasting, and highest-converting types of marketing there is. Having a steady flow of high-quality content that is wrapped around the needs of your target audience is the best way to build authority in your niche, increase your quality and quantity of visitors, keep visitors coming back to your site, and build credibility in all of your areas of expertise.

Why Zenpost is the Best Blog Writing Service Provider

We know that your company is your most precious asset. We know that you are so involved with it that it’s hard to resist the urge to do everything yourself. But we also know that it’s near impossible for you to manage your company the way you want to manage it and then also worry about marketing. (Or anything else for that matter!)

That’s where one of our blogging packages can help.

Zenpost is who you turn to when you need to order blog posts from a professional team of marketing experts. We’ll oversee in-depth research on your target market, figure out the best way to build content for your potential customers, and spend time developing an amazing content strategy that will drive a ton of targeted leads your way. We deliberately seek out writers with years of experience in freelance blog writing and have experience with crafting blog posts on a variety of topics.

With Zenpost as your professional content writing services provider, you can be certain that you are getting blog posts that can deliver the results you want for your brand. Our blogging services are designed to help you create posts that better engage your audience, promote brand awareness, enhance trust, and influence your prospects’ buying decisions.

To take the weight of content management off your shoulders, our services include strategy development, custom content writing, professional editing, and publishing each blog post to your site.

Why We’re the Best Blog Writing Service Provider for You

One of the main advantages that our clients enjoy from working with Zenpost is that we have the expertise required to get the job done right. A lot of our clients are blue-collar workers and business owners, and if you’re out until 7:30 at night dropping off crew members and cleaning equipment, when will you have time to worry about your online presence? Our company was built specifically to take over that burden.

Our clients love that all our digital marketing services are strategically structured to drastically increase their lead generation. Our blog writing services are backed by a money-back guarantee, there are never any hidden fees, and we don’t tie them down with any contracts, which means we’re always out to prove they made the right decision to pick us!

If you’re considering Zenpost as your provider to write blog posts, write guest posts, set up your Google My Business and Google Analytics, or any of our other digital marketing services, you’re making a decision that will change things for your business forever and we know that. You couldn’t be in better hands if you pick us!

6+ Years of Blog Content Creation Experience
100+ Happy Clients (and Counting)
Expert Blog Writers with Niche-Specific Subject Matter Expertise
Expert Editing and Quality Assurance Team
Expert Team with Cross-Functional Capabilities
Fast, Effective Research and Content Targeting
Personalization of Content and Customer Journey Mapping Expertise
Audience Building, Link Building, and Blogger Outreach Capabilities
No Hidden Fees. EVER!

Our Blog Writing Process

The first and most critical step in creating great content for your blog is understanding your audience. What language do they speak? How do they think? What problems are they facing? How do they feel and talk about them?

So, the first thing we do is create user personas and analyze your ideal prospects. The better we know your prospects, the better we can communicate with them and understand how to curate your blog around their needs.

Once we understand your target audience, we can carry out in-depth keyword research if you haven’t already supplied your target keywords. We’ll also conduct competitor research to define the best keywords for your blog post.

Once we have the target keywords, we’ll clearly define the blog post’s goal. What do we want the reader to act on or believe after reading it? What problem will it help them solve, and where does your company’s product play into giving them a solution?

After your article is clearly in sight, we then formulate your SEO and content strategy to satisfy both Google and other search engines, and the reader’s needs. Our content strategy experts then write out a fleshed-out article brief to pass to our blog writers that include:

Style of Writing
Tone of Voice
Word Count
Target Keywords and Phrases
Sources and Required Reading on the Topic
Required Subject Matter for Headings and Subheadings
Type of Content (Blog Post, Pillar Content, Whitepaper, Etc.)
Special Instructions

After that, our professional writers create the blog post and deliver it to our editors.

All written content is internally edited before being delivered to the client. Once it passes a set of clearly defined editorial standards, it is then sent for client review.

After the client has reviewed and approved the copy, we upload the article to the client’s CMS, do our last-mile, on-page SEO optimization (SEO title, meta description, internal/external linking, alt tags, etc.) to ensure that it ranks as high as possible in search results. It’s only once we reach this point that we’re ready to publish, then it’s a case of watching for your blog to appear in the search engine results!

Other Content Creation Services


Website Optimization

Your website’s existing pages and blog articles must be optimized for search engines. Our professional website optimization services will ensure that all your posts and pages are sending exactly the right signals to search engines. This ensures that your website pages will rank as high as possible for all your most important keywords and phrases.

Zenpost How It Works Step 1

Web Page Creation

Your homepage and other landing pages are often the most valuable pages on your website. A business’ web page content should be engaging, informative, SEO-friendly, and designed to help your prospects solve a problem. Our web content writers can help you achieve that goal.

Zenpost How It Works Step 2

Blog Post Creation

Effective content marketing campaigns are built on well-researched, SEO-friendly blog articles. With our blog content writing services experts, you can keep your blog content fresh and relevant.


Press Release Creation and Distribution

Press releases describe your company’s new products, events, and achievements in a concise way. We can help you effectively communicate news about your company, and then get it in front of all the right people.

Zenpost How It Works Step 4

High-Conversion Product Descriptions

Product descriptions written professionally can make the difference between converting or losing a potential customer. When your product descriptions aren’t converting the way that you planned, let our expert blog writers help you to turn things around.


Newsletter Creation

Email newsletters make it easy to notify your readers of upcoming content, product updates, or service announcements. We have writers who are experts at building high-quality content that your subscribers will want to read.

Zenpost How It Works Step 4

Social Media Post Writing

You can drive high-interest prospects to your site by writing engaging posts that encourage viewers to share your content. You can count on us to publish engaging business posts that will build your following and nurture long-lasting relationships.


Video Script Writing

An informative, concise, and engaging video script is essential to the success of any whiteboard video or promotional video. Our blog writers can come up with something just right for your video project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Professional Writer?

Many factors go into a client’s content strategy. Do they have existing content? If so, are there any gaps in their content strategy that need to be filled? What is their writing style? Which one of our freelance writers would be the best fit for their content type and audience? What type of products or services do they sell? Will their content require a writer with specialized subject matter expertise?

 What is their budget? What are their goals? Have they done their own research to determine the best keywords for their content strategy?

Every client and every project is different.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up spending $800 on a freelance writer and another $1,000 on managing the blog writer and the assignment. That’s why we’ve got everything in place to help make the process as straightforward and as easy as possible.

If you’re concerned about the cost of your project, just use our contact form here to reach out to us. One of our team members would be glad to discuss your project with you and quote you a price.

Can I Request Edits if I'm Not Happy with the Blog Post?

Absolutely. Our primary goal is to make certain that our clients are happy. Our clients can request multiple rounds of edits on all blogs, and they have the final say in what’s published to their blog. At Zenpost, we put a lot of time into hiring professional blog writers that can curate your blogs exactly to your specifications.

Where Can I See Examples of Your Work?

We hold our clients’ blog content to the same standards we expect for our own. Our blog is a good example of the kind of quality that you can expect from us.

What Are the Benefits of Blogging?

Improves Your SEO

One of the main benefits of hiring professional blog writing services is to climb search engine rankings. If your blogs aren’t out there and performing well, who will find you? Without a blog with targeted posts on it, the only people that come to your website will be the ones you gave a link to.

Content allows search engine crawlers to find you by targeted keywords that matter most to your brand, and your potential prospects.

Increases Brand Awareness

By simply formatting your blog, and being seen more in search engine results pages (SERPs), you can build brand awareness very quickly. Companies that publish fresh content regularly have an average of 434% more indexed blogs than companies that don’t. This means that your brand will likely be seen in more places, gain interest from more people, and bring more targeted visitors to your site than your competition.

Provides Value to Your Target Audience

Blogging will offer immense value to your audience. If your website content is strategized around the needs of your target market, you will get more engagement, more earned media, and more emotional involvement because you are educating and helping your visitors solve problems and overcome obstacles that are relevant to your niche.

This builds repeat visits and email subscribers, and eventually brand involvement and advocates that are priceless assets for long-term growth.

Attracts Targeted Traffic to Your Website

With our content writing service, you can create content that will bring in an unlimited amount of traffic, more targeted leads, and more repeat visits by allowing potential leads to find your products and services using the keywords they used in their search. This is a benefit that hiring freelance blog writers could never promise you consistently.

Generates Leads

One of the main reasons companies invest time and money to create a blog is because they can expect to gain more traffic, more leads, and more revenue by targeting relevant keywords. Having a steady flow of custom content designed to educate and entice your prospects will give you exactly what you need to start bringing in the numbers that you’ve been dreaming about for your brand.

Our professional freelance writers are experts at crafting engaging, SEO optimized, fresh articles that will rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs), attract your ideal prospects with catchy titles, and then convert them into paying customers by conveying your message in a creative and engaging way.

More Shared Content, More Natural Backlinks

Another one of the main benefits of blogging is that people naturally love to share enjoyable content. Having the right mix of professionally crafted posts published on your website will get you a ton of natural backlinks, and a ton more shares on social media. Especially if you are proactive about it!

Show Off Your Expertise

We hire professional bloggers with subject matter expertise that will help you showcase yourself as an expert and authoritative source of information in your industry. Blogging regularly will quickly build your email list, and your market share, by attracting return visitors that love what your blog posts offer.

Drives Long-Lasting, Organic Traffic

We’ve been in the content management industry for more than six years now, and if you ask any other content marketer who’s been in the industry for a while, they’ll agree with us when we say that SEO works! Having an optimized blog on your website means having more posts indexed in searches, more posts with first page rankings, and more organic traffic.

Encourages Natural Backlinks

It’s all about hiring the right writer for the job. Having a digital presence full of helpful posts showing off your knowledge as an expert in your industry can make or break your brand. With more people online now than ever, it’s important to get your brand’s voice out there so that it can be heard as much as possible.

Showing off your brand voice and your expertise through your blog will give you more indexed pages, build a network of natural, contextual backlinks from a variety of related websites, give you a strong domain rating, and more importantly, more credibility as a thought leader and go-to source in your industry!

Gives You a Place to Promote Your Brand

Blogging is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to build a following. Once you’ve established a strong list, your blog will give you the perfect free marketing channel to promote company news, special deals, and promotions, and contests, and events that you are planning, and people LOVE those!

In a word, having an SEO-optimized content plan in place is unparalleled in terms of value. In fact, it’s where your company’s online success lies.

How Can I Be Sure that the Blog Content Isn’t Plagiarized?

We run every post through a plagiarism checker before delivering it to our clients for review, and every writer that we bring on board is informed of this ahead of time. The plagiarism check confirmation results are provided to our clients along with each delivery.

Let’s increase your sales!

100% transparency, no excuses, and no dodgy practices. Just serious digital results.