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Understanding Your Brand Messaging Before Launching Content Campaigns

Understanding Your Brand Messaging Before Launching Content Campaigns Blog

Brand messaging is usually an intensive process. A company can spend weeks, months and even years nailing down exactly what they want their products and services to portray to the general public.

Unfortunately, once that message is created, it can quickly become lost in a sea of content marketing choices. From viral lists and long-form content to advertorials and general information pieces, branded content that isn’t focused is just one step away from becoming a muddled mess that confuses and possibly even loses customers.

Brands who want to drive the highest level of engagement and sales for their products can avoid a black hole of brand messaging by avoiding some common mistakes while staying hyper-vigilant in the type of content they deliver to their user base.

Create A Strong Positioning Statement

Your positioning statement explains in easy to understand terms exactly why your product is a good fit for the marketplace.

This positioning should be developed before you ever start to consider what type of content you want to be created. Startups refer to this positioning as the “elevator pitch.” If you can’t explain why your product is unique and needed in under 60 seconds, you’re in trouble.

Don’t Forget To Ask Your Customers What Resonates

Before tackling blog posts and other brand messaging about your company’s products or services it’s crucial that you speak with your customers.

Ask what features they love about your product(s), what they would change, and ultimately, why they use your product or service. Your brand messaging should always be customer-centric. The “always be selling” mantra has never been truer than when you are putting your company’s products out into the world for everyone to see.

Don’t Just Focus On The Product

We live in a world of crowded products and services. Standing out isn’t as easy as it once was. For that reason, you can’t just focus on your core product. Instead, your message should include your company’s vision and convey why your brand is different. If your vision is regularly included in your content, you can weave a narrative across various pieces of published work.

Within the focus on the company mission, it’s important to also showcase your brand pillars. Break down your product into its most important selling points. Speak to your competitive advantage and explain your brand’s key benefits with supporting examples.

If your company participates in social good campaigns, provides mentorship to budding entrepreneurs, or gives back to the community in other ways, this is a great time to showcase why your brand matters more than just what you are selling.

Hyper-Target Your Audience With The Right Kind Of Engagement

Know your audience. More specifically, know how your audience engages with your brand and similar brands. Address why a customer needs your product, explain why you understand their motivations for purchasing, and touch on their pain points and interests they have in your products or services.

Achieve The Right Tone Of Voice

Is your brand playful or serious? Do you target C-suite executives or general consumers? When you understand the demographics of your customers you can create a voice that will match their requirements.

Tone development exercises are a great way to determine how you should be delivering your messaging. At Zenpost we often create dozens of content pieces for our clients. We utilize different voices and receive feedback from brands based on what content is converting.

The best voice should be used moving forward to ensure the highest level of engagement, and ultimately, sales.

The Simple Takeaway

Your brand is about more than just the products or services you sell. Weave a narrative for your company and customers will feel more bought into your mission and will be more likely to engage with your content and buy your products or services.

Selling a product or service is about drawing people into your culture and making them feel like every purchase is valuable for a myriad of reasons.

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