SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Featured

SaaS (an acronym for “software-as-a-service”) marketing automation tools are virtual tools that complete automatic marketing tasks without requiring manual action.

They aid in functions such as email marketing strategy, AI chats, user engagement, data collection, and more.

How SaaS marketing automation tools can help your business

SaaS marketing tools are designed to help business owners manage their virtual presence. These tools draw on digital marketing tactics to ensure that your product, service, and brand reach relevant customers.

The goal of SaaS tools is to improve your web traffic, sales, and company-consumer relationship. A SaaS business aims to ensure that your profit is greater than the cost you expend recruiting new customers.

Automated marketing tools, in specific, are designed to perform certain automatic functions to keep consumers engaged with your brand (such as sending automatic emails to new customers). When you use automated SaaS marketing tools in your virtual marketing processes, you get to focus your attention on what truly matters: your business.

Top 20 SaaS marketing automation tools

1. Hubspot

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost HubSpot
Hubspot was created to address the growing need for SaaS marketing automation tools. Its growth-oriented platform aims to improve your web traffic and digital marketing, and with it, your sales, user engagement, and digital presence. Their claim to fame is their SEO (search engine optimization) tools, which help to boost your traffic on sites like Google. Hubspot is concerned with all branches of marketing automation, including management of social networking, consumer engagement, site design/development, and much more.

  • Hubspot has pulled together a range of marketing tools into a singular platform.
  • They have a clean, professional software design that makes navigating their tools a straightforward process.
  • They offer a free blog that helps to educate users on best practices in marketing.
  • They are pricey, especially if you only want to use certain features of the platform.
  • If you already have your website set up on another platform, elements of Hubspot’s system may feel irrelevant.
  • While the pool of resources is convenient, many of the tools they offer can be found elsewhere for a much lower cost, or even for free.

2. Hotjar

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost HotJar

The purpose of Hotjar is to analyze your site’s functionality, as well as understand how your users behave. Hotjar collects information about consumer performance, including what they click on, where they pause, and when/where they tend to exit. They portray this information through a heat map, showing high-engagement spots (the “hot” zones) and low-engagement spots (the “cold” zones). From there, you can see what content is most engaging and what needs to be improved.

  • Hotjar’s heat map/visual design allows you to easily review the effectiveness of portions of your site or webpage.
  • They supply satisfaction surveys to consumers who visit your site.
  • They provide analytics on customer interest, as well as offering predictions on future engagement.
  • Hotjar can’t be easily integrated with other software platforms, limiting its data-sharing capacity.
  • Since the heatmaps track all engagement, pages that feature site navigation menus can have a skewed heatmap due to the high number of clicks on the menu function.

3. Gong

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Gong

Gong collects data on customer-employee interactions through web communications, email, and phone calls. The software analyzes all the data on communication to form insights about the success of a company’s marketing, then offers thoughtful feedback about strategies to alter. They provide marketing automation feedback that is specific to each interaction and employee, improving the strategies of your entire team.

  • Gong evaluates specific areas of calls to understand what topics of conversation are likely to generate leads.
  • They report on how changes in marketing tactics impact your sales funnel, both company-wide and regarding individual salespeople/sales teams.
  • They offer insights on any risky areas of your marketing pipeline so you can address them before you lose sales rather than after.
  • Unlike other marketing automation tools, they don’t offer a free version of their platform.
  • In addition to interactive feedback, they have a wide variety of other tools, but they don’t always advertise these tools (or how to use them) to their users.
  • The transcription software used for their calls is not always accurate.

4. CoSchedule

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost CoSchedule

CoSchedule aims to center all of your marketing automation content on a single platform. They offer a Marketing Suite, a Marketing Calendar, and a Blog Calendar. The Marketing and Blog Calendar allow you to manage projects unique to your site and external sites. CoSchedule allows you to design and organize individual marketing projects to launch across multiple platforms, including social media, blogging sites (such as WordPress), and your site. They also work to improve your SEO as you write by informing you about better composition strategies (such as using high-traffic keywords) in real-time.

  • Their all-in-one platform allows you to manage a wide number of social media posts at once.
  • Pre-scheduling allows for automatic postings.
  • With an intuitive platform that is constantly analyzing your marketing strategies, you’ll feel like you have access to a virtual SaaS marketing team.
  • The hefty number of tools may feel overwhelming to businesses who are interested in smaller-scale or infrequent blogging/social media management.
  • They can get expensive, with their pro plan starting at $29 per user per month. The cost accrued by a mid-sized marketing team could set you back a few hundred a month.

5. Marketo

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Marketo

Marketo (developed by Adobe) supports businesses to develop effective strategies for increasing their sales through intuitive marketing automation. Their marketing automation strategy is concerned with ensuring that the customer experience is smooth and leads to profit. They provide solutions for low customer engagement through campaigns, sales tracking, and analytic feedback. They not only target inefficiencies in marketing efforts but work to help businesses develop a fuller mastery of marketing skills to improve their long-term revenue.

  • Marketo links two of the most important departments at any business—sales and marketing—to ensure that the marketing strategies developed through the platform have a positive and lasting effect on sales.
  • Their platform is highly intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Their analytic reporting is deep and detailed.
  • Marketo’s email marketing templates are not very customizable.
  • There is a limit on marketing engagement objects based on the tiers of payment.
  • The site can be buggy and result in crashes or unsaved data.

6. Outreach

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Outreach

As the name implies, Outreach focuses on automating the customer outreach process. They bring together important elements of sales and marketing operations to create marketing campaigns and automated communication improve your sales funnel. You can manage the information of thousands of clients and can trigger responses via email automation and SMS follow-ups, personal ad campaigns, and more.

  • Outreach’s thorough email analytics shed light on what marketing campaigns are succeeding or falling short.
  • The platform’s personalization elements improve customer satisfaction and bolster ongoing communication.
  • Outreach through email automation turns quality lead nurturing into sales.
  • You can’t dive right in; the software requires time to set up, and salespeople may struggle with the learning curve.
  • Outreach doesn’t offer all the branding/customization features of other software.
  • Customer service isn’t always reliable.


SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Customer‘s marketing automation software prioritizes the behavior of your consumers to help you develop more effective advertorial content. Their workflow builder studies customer behavior, then sends out automatic responses (emails and SMS) distinct to their unique activity. They also collect consumer data to report on the success of campaigns. focuses on individual customer journeys, improving user onboarding and allowing you to tailor marketing campaigns that will succeed across the board.

  •’s customer segmentation makes sure that your consumers interact with meaningful content.
  • Activity logs shed light on the full picture of consumer engagement.
  • They allow for integration with many other marketing automation tools.
  • has a steeper learning curve than other automated marketing software.
  • Transferring data outside of is difficult, and data within the platform can sometimes be difficult to interpret.

8. EngageBay

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost EngageBay

EngageBay is primarily a customer relationship management (CRM) platform but has evolved into a SaaS business that prioritizes the crucial features of successful marketing automation. The system focuses on the relationship between your marketing and sales team, ensuring you attain and retain customers. Their marketing automation tools encourage an increase in website traffic through generative marketing content, customer outreach, and data-based feedback on the success of your campaigns.

  • EngageBay keeps track of crucial customer data, including when customers first engage with your site, when they last made a purchase, and when you last touched base.
  • You can send out emails, SMS, and other forms of customer outreach from within their platform.
  • They can help you to design and develop more strategic marketing campaigns and landing pages.
  • It’s free for teams of up to 15 people!
  • They don’t have training resources to help you improve your business team’s marketing/sales.

9. Canva

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Canva

Canva will become your go-to place for developing marketing-related media. The site lets you create a variety of advertorial content, including social postings, pamphlets, and infographics. It doesn’t replace the skills of a design team, yet it can be useful for site owners who aren’t interested in spending extra money on a professional graphic designer. It has become a fantastic tool for developing web content for marketing online businesses.

  • Pre-crafted media allow you to insert individualized content into stunning templates.
  • They offer templates for dozens of outbound locations, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • You can virtually save your work and pick up where you left off.
  • Their easy-to-navigate interface makes it easy to keep up with multiple projects.
  • Their free plan is limited in design tools and templates.
  • Canva can’t replace the skills of a marketing designer, and can’t inform you of the ways that your advertising material might be successful in your specific market.

10. Hootsuite

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost HootSuite

Virtual marketing has become increasingly reliant on a brand’s ability to engage with social media platforms. Hootsuite‘s social media automation tools allow businesses to optimize their presence on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as manage email and SMS messaging. Through Hootsuite, you can launch posts and observe user engagement across all of your socials.

  • Hootsuite organizes all of your social media and scheduled postings into a singule dashboard.
  • They allow you to engage in team-building, so all of your employees can develop skills in strategic social media networking.
  • Their analytics section provides data on your individual social accounts.
  • They offer information about not only your own site’s engagement but also those of competitors, as well as current market trends.
  • In order to analyze content from certain social platforms—such as reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud—you’ll need to install additional applications.
  • The cost can be significant for businesses, with the business plan (access for up to five users) starting at $739 per month.
  • Virtual training courses through Hootsuite Academy are an additional expense, costing between $99 and $499.

11. Autopilot

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Ortto

Just like their name suggests, Autopilot was developed for business owners who want to keep their primary focus on their business. The software allows for complete automation of marketing, from virtual advertising to customer experience. Autopilot functions through visual engagement, featuring a digital whiteboard where you can drag and drop scheduled emails, site forms, and other customer-related tasks to run automatically.

  • Autpilot centralizes all your customer information in a singular platform.
  • Their drag-and-drop design makes for a small learning curve.
  • They can pair up with other SaaS applications and software.
  • Their templates may feel limiting to those used to larger marketing platforms.

12. Slack

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Slack

Slack is focused on ensuring efficiency in communication, whether that’s with customers or coworkers. Unlike email, Slack organizes in app messages into “channels” that allow you to distinguish communication for multiple projects/campaigns. Real-time conversations between you and your team members ensure you are synced up and communicate smoothly. The software also offers Slack Connect, which allows you to receive feedback and share resources with clients and consumers.

  • Slack offers several channels for communication, including private and team messaging.
  • You are able to send files, marketing/sales documents, and images through Slack’s in app messaging system, minimizing the need for lengthy or cluttered emails.
  • They have a strong security system that protects the privacy of your direct messages.
  • Conversations are subject to deletion after 14 days.
  • Storage amounts are unique to each payment plan, so files may get deleted over time if you begin to run out of storage.
  • An excess of push notifications can make it difficult to step away from work when you’re out of the office.

13. Act-On

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Act-on

Act-On is a great tool for improving the way you interact with your consumers. Their targeted marketing automation software, the Automated Journey Builder, focuses on capturing customers’ attention over time. They allow you to build marketing campaigns driven by your brand’s personal needs, with website construction, consumer messaging, and personalized outreach tools. Through email adverts and informed marketing activities, Act-On helps you elongate the customer lifecycle.

  • Act-On’s personalized marketing campaigns can help you engage customers with meaningful content.
  • Setting up the automated workflow is easy for all skill levels.
  • They allow you to build web pages for a variety of functions.
  • They provide integration with other sales and marketing applications.
  • Some portions of their page-building may require a basic knowledge of coding.
  • The platform is pricey for small/new businesses, starting at $900 per month for 2,500 contacts and increasing with a greater customer pool.

14. Encharge

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Encharge

Encharge emphasizes shifting away from standard email marketing and narrows the focus on email marketing automation. What does this mean? Encharge encourages personalized emails based on your customers’ unique user behavior. They draw data from other marketing software you may use, such as HubSpot, to give you a fuller consumer picture. This info can help you develop positive customer communication, including sending out intuitive automated messages that prioritize customer satisfaction.

  • Their flow builder encourages the generation of a forward-focus consumer experience.
  • Marketing and customer segmenting allow for a personalized approach to marketing activities, treating each consumer as an individual.
  • They integrate with a range of other automated marketing software/programs.
  • Encharge doesn’t offer form-building or landing pages from within their platform (though this is something that may become available).
  • You have to go through a number of steps to integrate e-commerce and other tools.

15. SEMrush

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost SEMRush

SEMrush is a marketing automation platform that pulls together over 50+ crucial marketing automation tools. In addition to SEO support, SEMrush also offers a variety of analytics related to customer activities, allowing you to evaluate crucial elements of your marketing strategies. They allow you to audit backlinks to understand customer sources and provide you with data-based feedback on the success of your marketing. With SEMrush, you can vet the tactics of successful competitors, analyze your web traffic, and become a master of content creation.

  • SEMrush’s large toolbox includes a range of resources for marketing/SEO.
  • They use data about your site/social media interaction to help you choose and create content suited to your business.
  • Their keyword tracking is helpful in developing strong copy.
  • There’s no free version, and certain features of the platform, specifically Competitive Analysis, may warrant additional charges.
  • Their keyword searches can turn up an excess of results.

16. Refiner

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Refiner

Refiner helps you get customer feedback through generative surveys. You can create and install surveys via widgets, then send out automated communication to your consumers based on their responses. You can use customer insights to explore a range of solutions to marketing issues directly from within Refiner’s platform. Their instinctive system aims to make your customers feel heard while empowering you to improve the overall consumer experience.

  • Refiner generates ongoing customer feedback so you can improve your business without manual outreach.
  • Their surveys track success metrics (such as NPS and CES) that let you to see if your current marketing strategies are paying off.
  • It was built specifically for SaaS-oriented companies/SaaS businesses.
  • Refiner cannot provide extensive data mining.

17. BuiltWith

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Built With

BuiltWith is a powerful tool for collecting marketing research on competitors. The software evaluates the web-stacking features that aid competing sites, such as site hosts, virtual shopping options, and more. You can use the data collected by BuiltWith to understand info on useful web tools (such as site design/framing resources), as well as recognize the key elements that make up a thriving site. By implementing BuiltWith’s data into your own site design or redesign, you can add in digital elements that generate more consumer support and sales.

  • BuiltWith offers insight into the software and programs that are utilized by countless sites, shedding light on the tools that are most effective for growing businesses.
  • They offer up-to-date reports on current trends in technology and other indispensable market data on a company’s tech presence.
  • BuiltWith airs on the expensive side, with the unlimited plan starting at $495 a month.
  • Their data is not always entirely up-to-date, which can lead to inaccuracies.


SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Tableau

This dynamic data visualization program is a peak SaaS marketing automation tool. TABLEAU analyzes your company’s performance by collecting data on your marketing engagement from sites such as Instagram, Shopify, and Google. It then displays this data on a clean and clear interface, breaking the information into visual diagrams that are easy to digest, analyze, and share. Its thoughtful and organized data collection can help you see where your marketing is succeeding and struggling.

  • TABLEAU pulls from multiple sources of data to create a picture of your company’s performance.
  • The visual renderings of their data make the results widely readable.
  • The simple visuals offer incredible ease of use.
  • While it’s easy to use once it’s set up, plugging in initial data sources requires tech knowledge.
  • The training and support services offered by TABLEAU are not strong.

19. Livestorm

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Livestorm

Livestorm‘s webinar platform is a powerful way to connect with customers through online events. Users can easily organize and host online meetings meant to educate consumers. In addition to live meetings, you can upload pre-recorded footage—like a lecture, meeting, or demo—for consumers to engage with at any time. Livestorm is an ideal automated marketing tool for those looking to improve their customer relations, especially online businesses.

  • Livestorm offers resources to interact with your audience/attendees in real time.
  • Webinar participants/hosts don’t need to download an external app to access webinars.
  • You can stream through multiple channels, such as YouTube and Twitch.
  • Livestorm requires significant Internet access.
  • The live meetings only hold space for limited attendees.

20. Surfer

SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Zenpost Surfer

Surfer is a handy tool that helps you create content that ranks higher on Google. Their SEO tools help you plan out your upcoming content and design content briefs. Surfer offers valuable suggestions about the content you’ve already generated, including letting you see what keywords will get your writing to rank. They work to take out the guesswork of generating SEO content so you can write efficient marketing materials.

  • Surfer allows you to arrange a personalized marketing plan in minutes.
  • Their business is rooted in current market data, so their keyword suggestions are up-to-date.
  • They give you tips on writing better content but aren’t able to generate writing for you.

Conclusion on marketing automation tools

When growing a business, SaaS marketing automation tools can be an incredible resource for improving customer interactions, increasing site engagement, and boosting customer lifetime value.

Automation tools can help you manage a ton of automated marketing strategies, as well as provide you with valuable insights into the function of specific marketing choices.

More than anything, marketing automation tools can knock out repetitive tasks related to virtual marketing, so you can keep your attention on the parts of your business that matter most to you.

20 Essential SaaS Marketing Automation Tools in 2022

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