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Request, Review, Rejoice: A Look At Zenpost’s Pitches and Pitch Request Features

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Coming up with blog post ideas is hard.

We’ve covered how to automate your blog post ideas in recent posts, but sometimes you just need to pass the ball to somebody else and say “here… you do it.”

We get it.

On top of that, coming up with a concept or a rough title is only the tip of the iceberg.

You still need to pump your idea full of research, supporting materials, keywords, quotes, subheadlines, etc.

Coming up with great blog post ideas is actually the easy part compared to all the things I listed above.

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That’s why we’re including a Pitch feature in Zenpost – to spoon feed you fully-fleshed-out article topics around your SEO keywords or industry.

Here are the details…

Ready-To-Submit Article Topics Spoon Fed To You

When you create your Zenpost account, you’ll be asked to fill in your Brand Guide.

This is a series of sections that covers the most important aspects of your brand’s:

  • Industry
  • Goals
  • Target demographic
  • Style requirements
  • Keywords

Zenpost matches this information against its database of evergreen and timely blog topics to automatically submit Pitches to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

How does it work? ?

First, Zenpost identifies authoritative blog post ideas for each industry and adds them to our ever-growing list of blog topics.

Our Content Managers do this daily by looking at the top performing keywords, blog posts, and trends in each industry and conceptualizing unique angles to take based on what they find.

Zenpost Pitches and Pitch Request Man Typing

To start, we’ll focus on evergreen topics, or topics that will be just as relevant 5 years from now as they are today.

In the future, we’ll provide you with timely topics that allow you to express your thought leadership on current events and trends.

What does a Pitch include?

Every Pitch you receive will come with all of the assignment fields filled out for you but here are the main sections you’ll find under your Pitch:

  • Suggested Headline
  • Suggested Word Count
  • Suggested Price
  • Topic Details
  • Resources
  • Keywords

While all of the information was completed for you in the Pitch, you still have the ability to edit and add to the Pitch if you need to.

This means you can do things like adjust the price, add more resources, tweak the suggested headline, etc.

How often will you get pitched?

Under the Pitches page, you have the ability to select the frequency of when you would like to be pitched – either daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can select your frequency based on how often you would like the opportunity to have a new article written for you.

Reviewing, Declining, And Approving Pitches

So, you’ve got your Pitch… now what?

From the Pitches page, you’ll be shown the most important information in a snapshot view.

Things like suggested title, content type, the cost of the article, and how long you have until the Pitch expires.

Zenpost Pitches and Pitch Request Pages

I’ll explain that last part about the Pitches expiring…

We want to make sure you see fresh, new, and relevant Pitches in your Pitches page every month. So, naturally, we need to expire those that are neither Approved or Declined by you.

We also don’t want timely Pitches that are no longer relevant sitting in your Pitches page as well.

For both the reasons above, it’s best we put a timer on how long you have to Approve or Decline a Pitch.

How do you Approve or Decline a Pitch?

We make this process super easy through Decline and Approve buttons directly on the initial Pitches page view.

If you have multiple articles you want to approve at once, you can simply select the checkboxes and then the “All Selected” option of “Approve All.”

This isn’t the only way to Approve or Decline a Pitch, though.

Clicking on a Pitch takes you into the Pitches Workspace view where the full details of your Pitch exist.

Zenpost Pitches and Pitch Request New Pitch Request Page

Here, you’ll find the specifics of the pitch like article description, word length, due date, resource material, and more. Again, all of this information is editable, in case you want to add to or adjust the article details.

You can Accept or Decline a pitch from this view as well.

Pitch Requests

Sometimes you already have a blog post idea in mind but you need an expert to help you take it across the finish line.

With staging-zenpost.kinsta.cloud’s Pitch Request feature, you can do just that.

The Pitch Request feature was developed to save you time and headache with figuring out the best keyword, headline, topic, and research to include in your blog post.

Think of it as your outsourced content strategy tool.

How To Create A New Pitch Request

Under your Pitches page, you’ll find a “New Pitch Request” button in the top right.

Click it!

This takes you to a new Pitch Request page where you enter in the details of the concept you have buzzing around your head and need help conceptualizing.

You’ll notice this page looks similar to the Create New Assignment page with a few exceptions.

Since you don’t know all of the information about your assignment yet, we prompt you with fields that get the bare minimum information from you in order for the Content Manager to send back the perfect pitch.

These fields include:

  • Pitch Request Title
  • Details
  • Content Type
  • Channel
  • Assignment Word Count
  • Assignment Estimated Budget
  • Assignment Due Date

(insert images of button and new pitch request page)

Once you entered in enough details to help the Content Manager understand what your concept is, you select the “Create Request” button to submit your Pitch Request. (Every account will receive 1 free Pitch Request per month).

Once submitted, you can find your Pitch Request under the Requests tab.

A Content Manager will receive your request and submit at least 1 Pitch back to you for review. You’ll receive an email when this happens and that will prompt you to go into your Pitches page and review them using the process we mentioned above.

Turning Ideas Into Pitch Requests

We previously wrote about our Ideas tool – a way to capture, organize, and conceptualize your blog post ideas.

While that tool helps you flesh out your blog post ideas, you still may need some help in researching and organizing the blog post topic.

For that reason, we provide you the ability to turn your Ideas into Pitch Requests with a few clicks of the button.

Under you Ideas page, click on the three dots to the far right in the row of the idea you want to turn into a Pitch Request. You’ll see an option for “Turn Into Pitch Request.”

Zenpost Pitches and Pitch Request Ideas Page Preview

Selecting that option sends the details of your Idea into a new Pitch Request page where you can easily submit and request new Pitches around your Idea.

What Are We Missing?

Between our Ideas and Pitches tools, we want to provide you with the easiest and quickest way to capture, organize, and request awesome blog post ideas.

Our Pitches feature was specifically designed for the busy business owner who needs a content professional to tell them what their next blog post should be about.

We hope this allows you to grow your blog ideas quickly but we need your feedback to ensure that’s the case!

Let us know in the comments below if there are any existing features that would need improvement or any features not included that you wish were.

Thanks and stay awesome! ?


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