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How To Quickly Get Your First 1,000 Social Media Followers

How To Quickly Get Your First 1,000 Social Media Followers

Everyone wants to be Insta-famous. So how do you grab your first 1,000 social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter without personally knowing a Kardashian? We live in a social world where people check their Facebook feeds and Instagram posts before they’re even out of bed (#wokeuplikethis). There’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be in those feeds. Grab your first thousand social media followers with these time-honored tips and tricks.

Know Thy Enemy

Tweet of guy saying he cheated on dominos by instead eating pizza hut
Tweet of guy saying he cheated on dominos by instead eating pizza hut

If you’re new to the world of social media, your first question is “How do I grow my brand on social media?” The best place to look for those first thousand social media followers is your competitors. They have a ready-made list of people who are already interested in your product, service, or business niche, as these people already follow your direct competition.

You can start by following your competitor’s followers and interacting with them. Send them a message and ask for a follow back. You can also grab the people your competition follows because odds are they are influencers in your industry. All you need is one retweet from an industry influencer to catapult your followers.

Put Your Social Media Icons Everywhere

You interact with many people every day, and each one is a potential follower. They just need to know where to go. You should have social media icons on your homepage, and encourage people to follow you. Place them at the end of your blog posts to encourage sharing and liking. (While you’re building social media followers, why not help your content marketing at the same time?) You can even put them in your email signatures using tools like Wisestamp. Take it offline by putting a QR code for your social media on the back of business cards and sales fliers.

Social Media Today also reminds us to fill out our profiles fully: include a proper and engaging header, eye-catching images, etc. Your customers won’t like what they don’t know and trust.

Any place you can put a social media link is fair game. The more you put the word out about your social media accounts, the faster your first 1,000 social media followers will come.

Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag

You’ve probably seen the trending hashtags on Twitter and wondered exactly what they meant. When a person wants something to show up in social media searches, they use a hashtag. For example, “Need to get a new Keurig Machine #firstworldproblems.” When someone searches for that hashtag, your post will show up for the search. It’s important for you to use common or popular hashtags in your post, but only if they apply. Nothing irks people more than reading something with a hashtag that doesn’t fit in with that conversation.

The hashtag has become a universal symbol on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Use them appropriately, and don’t spam your post with hashtags so they show up in numerous searches. Pick a couple good ones and use them. Buffer suggests you find a hashtag conversation and make contributions to it. This will engage people and create new followers because they’ll want to hear what you have to say.

Post Consistently

If you want to earn social media followers, then you need to post things for them to read. It’s not just about posting frequently, but consistently. If you start out posting 10 times a day for 2 days then go dark for a month, you’re not going to get followers. Instead, post once or twice a day on each social media channel to keep people engaged.

It’s also important that what you post is engaging to your audience. Ask your customers questions which will prompt them to answer you back. Create posts that are fun and thought-provoking. Change up the kind of posts you make to keep your audience engaged.

And most importantly, don’t make everything about sales. The goal of social media is to develop a relationship with potential customers and show your business’ personality, not to channel your inner used-car salesman. Show that through your posts and people will respond by liking and following you.

Don’t Forget About Cross Promotion

While the audiences for each social media outlet are a little different, that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in following you on multiple platforms. Make sure to post Instagram photos on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and promote your tweets on Facebook. By cross-promoting, you’re reaching an extended audience that will like you from one social media outlet to another.

It’s also great content marketing. You create great content on each outlet, why not share it with everyone across all platforms? Crazyegg suggests connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts for even more cross-promotion mojo.

This is just the tip of the suggestion iceberg when it comes to social media tricks. If you’re hungry for more social media best practices, check out our previous post here

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