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3 Essential Marketing Skills That Help Startups Consistently Publish Quality Content

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Have you ever been jealous of the results that other content marketers get?  There’s a reason they perform so well.
They know the techniques that produce high online engagement and help their brands stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Getting really great at content marketing doesn’t happen by accident.
Below is a list of the top three skill sets that the best marketers have which can make the difference between their brands being noticed and fading into the woodwork.

They Develop an On-Target Brand Strategy and Messaging

Developing a strong brand strategy is as important as it has ever been, but it is also more complicated.

Social media giants Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are three of the broadest options available and as large as they are, they still play to the strengths of specific demographics.

In addition to these, great marketers know a large cross-section of the other, more specific channels that are dialed into a brand’s target audience.
Great content marketers are also adept at understanding the essence of a brand. They take the time to conduct research and interviews and can extract the pieces of a brand’s benefits profile that will be most motivating to an audience.
Then they use this information to create the most engaging brand messages possible and to choose which communications vehicles to use.

They’re Fluent in How to Access and Apply Analytics

As they’re developing and implementing their strategies, great content marketers know how to use analytics to refine what they’re doing and verify results.

They know what data sources to use, how to use them, and how to alter information searches so they can understand exactly what’s happening and how to make changes if needed.

There are a number of different analytics tools marketers use, each with a different purpose. Examples are numerous and can either be paid or free.

To start with the most basic free analytics tools, look no further than the social media or blog hosting site you’re using.

In addition, tools like Google Analytics can help identify patterns in website traffic and Google Trends can help to determine trending topics as a focus for your article.

They Demonstrate Excellent Writing Skills That Engage

Top content marketers know that their knowledge of brand strategy and analytics shines best when it is a foundation for strong content.

Typically, compelling and well-written articles serve as the core part of any content marketing campaign. They have an interesting hook to capture the reader’s engagement, and then they maintain that engagement with compelling facts and a story.

Great content also pairs well with graphics and photos. If required, it encourages readers to click through to a number of slides until they reach the end of the story.

On a technical level, good writing is well-researched, accurate, and mistake-free. It also features keywords and product messages naturally, woven into the theme and the details of the article.

These kinds of technical excellence don’t always come quickly. The best content marketers proofread multiple times, slowly and demonstrate a drive to perfection.

Bonus: They Apply Creativity

While these three qualities are necessary for a great content marketer to have, one single quality can take any of those skills to the next level: creativity.

An “out of the box” approach can allow marketers to develop a strategy or use analytics in a new way that undercuts the competition. It can also help develop messaging that sets a product apart.

Its most obvious application is as a way to find a unique storytelling approach for an article so that readers are motivated to act because they’re considering something in a new way.

When other parts of content marketing seem boring, creativity can feel like magic. It can bring a marketer’s entire approach together and make it shine.

Everyone Brings Something To The Table

You may be at the top of your content marketing game, just starting out, or somewhere in between.
Regardless, you’ve probably got an idea of what you think are essential skills for content marketers.
Tell us what you’ve noticed in the comments below. Then share this article with your network and see what qualities others think that great content marketers have.

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