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How Often Should You Do an SEO Audit on Your Company Site?


Do you know how your search engine optimization (SEO) is doing? You might know that you do – or don’t – show up on page one for specific searches. But do you know why? Or what to do to improve things? If not, it’s time for an SEO audit. This will allow you to gain […]

5 Critical Content Issues That Are Harming Your SEO Ranking

Positive Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to building a successful and well-trafficked site, blog, or brand. There are plenty of ways that you can improve your SEO; however, many people don’t recognize how their current content may be harming their ratings. What are some of the issues that can harm your SEO ranking? How can […]

5 Quick and Easy Things You Can Do for Your SEO That Cost You Nothing

“For your SEO” is a term all too common in today’s business vernacular. Every business owner or manager must have thought at least once about how best to take advantage of online search engines to grow that bottom line. But search engine optimization can prove costly, especially for the back-end tricks that high-profile websites engage. […]

How Google Reviews Boost Your Online Search Results And How To Get Them

How Google Reviews Boost Your Online Search Results And How To Get Them Blog

You have likely checked out the Google reviews of a restaurant, store, or business before making a purchase or visit. If so, you already understand how important these reviews are. These firsthand stories and opinions shared by customers, whether they’re positive or negative, will provide you the make-or-break information you need to make an informed […]

Here’s Why You Need To Update Your Website To HTTPS Today

It’s been three years since Google sent out a call to the internet at large: HTTPS and SSL need to be the standards for every single website out there. What do these funky acronyms mean, though, and how do they apply to you and your business? We’re breaking down the bits and pieces that make […]

The SEO Power of Concise Writing and Google’s RankBrain Project

The SEO Power of Concise Writing and Google's RankBrain Project Blog

We’re in a new year, and from what we’re seeing so far, 2017 is most certainly going to be the year of machine learning thanks to advances in artificial intelligence algorithms and a commitment to push the technology forward. Helping lead the pack is Google and its innovative platform known as RankBrain. The company’s technology […]

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