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Complete Guide to Content Marketing ROI

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Most business owners want to know what they can expect from their marketing efforts. But when it comes to content marketing, results can be tough to measure. First, it might be helpful to talk about what content marketing is. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware, but just in case: content marketing is simply […]

What Publishers Need to Learn From Influencer Marketing

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Are your sales lagging? What about your ability to reach customers? Is anyone paying attention to your brand? Publishers are realizing that they have a problem. They are not connecting with readers. This means lost revenue. Personalization with readers is vital for success. How can you do this? Influencer marketing could be the answer. What […]

5 Points To Measure In Order to Know Your Content Marketing Strategy is Working

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A strong content marketing strategy can go a long way toward building your brand and increasing sales. That’s why, according to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 91 percent of business to business and 86 percent of business to consumer organizations use it to connect with their customers. If you’re starting to dabble in content […]

The Secret To Blog Posts That Increase ROI? Don’t Do It All Yourself!

We know! You’re busy. Period. You don’t have time in the day to worry or even begin to worry about your content marketing strategy. As a business owner or head of your Marketing department, your day is filled with worrying about increasing your bottom line. Not about writing blog posts. You also know that there […]

The LittleThings Fallout: How The Heck Do You Go Viral In 2018?

With the dissolution of viral feel-good outlet LittleThings, many publishers in the digital space feel as though they’ve been put on notice. Several traffic analysts have already dissected the fallout, and the general tone around LittleThings’ shuttering seems to be a mix of “shocking” and “tragic.” But LittleThings was a publisher that depended on free […]

Prep For The New Year With These 2018 Content Marketing Trends

A new year means a new chance to adjust, enhance, and amplify your content marketing strategies. Here are the key 2018 content marketing trends to look out for this year. Featured

It’s hard to believe that another year has come to pass. Soon we’ll close the books on 2017 and look forward to the challenges and adventures of 2018. Content marketing kind of had a moment this year. We saw unprecedented growth in the field, countless new publications and businesses writing about it, and articles and […]

How Content Marketing Drives More Revenue For Your Brand

How Content Marketing Drives More Revenue For Your Brand Featured

You know content marketing is important. You know you should do it, but what exactly is your business getting out of it? People can tell you all about content marketing and how to go about doing it, but few get around to describing the return on investment. That’s what content marketing is…an investment. When you […]

Content Marketing Doesn’t Work

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Content marketing has been a buzzword in digital marketing communities for about 5 years now. Millions of dollars have been spent on it, but for every overwhelming success, there are 10 that haven’t seen an ounce of success. Content marketing is like any other strategy. It takes time, effort and money to succeed and many […]

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