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Publishing Trends to Watch in 2020

The new year is right around the corner. This means it’s time to start paying attention to the new publishing trends. Are you ready for your new campaigns? Will these campaigns resonate with your audience? If they don’t, you just wasted time and money. There is a way to make sure your campaigns are ready […]

3 Essential Questions To Help You Produce Content Google Loves

product content google loves

Google is concerned with providing their consumers with quality information and webpages. In fact, their algorithms are designed to favor sites with content that is unique, relevant, and well-developed. In light of their recent core updates, Google released a message to webmasters advising them what to be aware of in terms of their site’s Google […]

6 Things Every Freelance Writer MUST Know How To Do In 2020 And Beyond

Freelance writing is a bit of an oddball profession. Most people think they can do it, that they are good writers out of the box. But they don’t know anything about SEO, image use, or craft. Make no mistake — there is a craft to being a freelance writer that you can’t just intuit. But […]

This Simple Trick Will Get Your Customers To Engage With Your Content

This Simple Trick Will Get Your Customers To Engage With Your Content Blog

Unique visitors. Page views. Time-On Site. Bounce rates. There is a growing number of metrics that publishers and brands utilize to determine the success of their campaigns. While those numbers are crucial to success, they are only available if readers and customers actually make the decision to click-through on a headline to engage with the […]

Quick And Simple Ways To Avoid Repetitive Writing

Quick And Simple Ways To Avoid Repetitive Writing Blog

Repetitive writing is a problem faced by many writers. It’s easy to fall into this content trap because we have become accustomed to speaking in phrases that are repetitive in nature. Thankfully, it’s easy to overcome some of the bad writing habits that give readers a serious case of Déjà vu. Stop Using Wordy Expressions Using expressions […]

Starting A Newsroom? Here Are The High Startup Costs

Whether you’re building a breaking news publication, starting a viral news portal, or developing a brand-sponsored content hub, the costs of starting a newsroom are high and often unpredictable. From hiring editors and writers to managing end-of-year taxes and operational costs, running a newsroom is a full-time job with a lot of overhead and oftentimes […]

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