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How to Easily Automate Your Blog Post Promotion

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Sure, you know that the better you promote your blog the more it will be seen. But now that you’ve researched and written your blog you don’t have a lot of time left.
Rather than posting it to a site and letting it languish, there are things you can do once that will ultimately take on the heavy lifting of your blog promotion.
Here are five areas to consider automating so that more people can read what you have to say.

Use a Service to Share Social Media Content

Sure, there are some basic ways that you can use social media to gain more readers for your blog. Sharing it multiple times will help more people see it and paying for a social media ad to reach audiences interested in your content is a classic idea.

However, another option that will take less time is to use a service that will post the content on social media for you so it reaches audiences more efficiently.

They’ll post the content based on audiences who are not only the most likely to be interested but the most likely to repost and share what you’ve got to say. Examples of paid services include Quuu PromoteSprout Social, and Buffer.

Whatever you choose, it is worth it to take the time to find the one that works for you.

Use Images Well

Images are as important as your headline to helping viewers instantly understand the main points of your blog. If they’re the right images they’ll also make your readers curious about learning more and wanting to share the blog with other friends.

The tone, framing, and quality of your images are also a key reflection on your work. Make sure they’re crisp, well-defined, and stand out within your text.

Don’t Skimp on Hashtags

Hashtags at the end of your article allow them to be indexed so that they’re discoverable by other users. Before you use a hashtag, however, ensure that it is more than simply cute.

It should reflect general categories that others may be looking for or trends of the day. The right hashtag can open your blog up to a much wider audience than you’d expect.

Invest Some Time in Searching Keywords

One of the most straightforward ways to automatically get readers to see your blog post is to ensure that it has the right keywords to show up on search engines.

Invest some time in researching keywords that are trending. Keep them interesting to a wide audience but not too broad.

Embed them within your text naturally, so that they aren’t intrusive to the reader and underscore what you’re trying to say.

Automate Analytics Tracking

Once your blog posts are placed online and promoted, you’re going to want to know how they did so that you change tactics if you need to in order to get it to the right audience.

Scheduling tools like Sprout Social has a lot of robust reporting options that include information on things like Facebook and Instagram competitors, how well your tags are doing, and how popular the keywords you’re using are.

You can also use Sprout Social to schedule

Bonus Idea:

This bonus tip is placed at the end because it is something you’re probably already doing. If not, take a few minutes, right now, to add a link to your blog to your social media profiles and email signature.

It is amazing to consider the number of people who see this information every day and that these are likely people who are already in contact with you for another reason and may be invested in what you’re up to.


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